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Why is it so hard for Americans to work abroad?

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  • Why is it so hard for Americans to work abroad?

    Every year, the US offers tens of thousands of work visas, which are eagerly snapped up by citizens of other countries. And yet, if an American wants to work abroad, other countries are stand-offish at best, with byzantine rules for coming to work e.g. you have to have the job offer in-hand before they'll issue a work permit, but no one will make you an offer unless you already have the work permit in-hand. Beyond that, few jobs are advertised outside of any country, and any applications made for jobs seem to fall into a black hole: no one ever responds to the application at all, sometimes they don't even acknowledge receipt of the application. This goes not only for companies based in those other countries, but even US-based companies with operations in those countries.

    So when I want to come back to India to work, I send out hundreds and hundreds of applications, but I get no response at all. Even in instances where a special position has opened up, and the hiring manager directs applicants to send their CV directly to a secretary, I never hear another word and get no response to follow-up inquiries.
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    Re: Why is it so hard for Americans to work abroad?

    In a place like India, there are 450000 people who sit for an exam where around a 1000 are going to be selected. This would be the case in most developing countries.

    There is hardly any reason for a foreigner to be hired when there are thousands of jobless from the country itself.

    America isn't labour rich, India is. That is why it is in the interest of both the countries to make it easier for Indian's to work in America and easier for America to sell Coke and Pepsi here!

    BTW, what field of work are you in?
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      You can work online for any country.
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        Let apply other countries! Stickman Hook


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          I think the whole problem is education! In Europe, the education system is radically different from the American one, thus the approach to work is different and the requirements are accordingly!
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            I also think that the problem is education.
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              It's partly true. Actually, I've met many Americans working abroad, especially some countries like Chinese, Vietnam or Singapore,... fnaf


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                  I think for Americans it might be difficult to work abroad. People in India migrate more often, not only along and across India, but also to the Gulf countries and other countries in the Middle East. For you it will be easier to check work abroad Canada posts, although as long as aircrafts also fly there, Indian people can get these jobs too. So for you the most important thing is not to be lazy, sir.