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Thread: Importance of Being Visible

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    Default Importance of Being Visible

    Being visible ??? I am visible, I can see my hands , my legs and all…

    It is utter foolish to tell that a guy coming towards me will miss seeing me and if at all he misses me , I would certainly recommend him to visit a good eye doctor.
    What is the matter with you to find mistake in all things I am doing, last time you were lecturing me on the way I ride my bike. Now this.. I am not understanding what is wrong with you.

    “You are made visible because when light falls on you, it will reflect back some of the wavelengths which will define your color and shape to onlooker’s eyes. Now what happens when the light is gone. Your body is not a Light emitting device, neither is your vehicle unless you press that little button which switches on the lights.”

    Oh, now you are talking about headlights of my bike. I know these, but why shall I switch on my lights when there is enough light on the road from lights from other vehicles. See I am saving petrol of my bike and contributing to environment.

    “My dear young man, please understand how the diffraction of light works. The light waves which is coming from a headlight behind you will bend over your body and make you invisible in the eyes of the rider who is coming towards you. “

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    Hey , now you are using some scientific mumbo jumbo to frighten me. Ok anyway I will switch on my new HID lights.

    "“Oh man, no please, now don’t go overboard with lights.”

    “HID lights available in the market emits bluish white lights. Unless properly installed with a projector lens setup, these will be more dangerous than riding without lights. These high intensity lights blinds the oncoming traffic. Similarly please do not ride with your high beam on in city traffic. Do you want a car driver blinded by your lights mowing you down?”

    Hmm , that seems logical. I will check my lighting setup.

    “Riding after sundown is more risky than riding in broad daylight. Please ensure that you are visible to others on road. Please check headlight, tail light and indicators for proper functioning. For longer rides please wear reflective clothing for better visibility.

    It is equally important to pedestrians also to stay visible on road. There is no point in showing your hand to face of the rider / driver if he is not able to see you due to oncoming light. Ensure that you cross the road where there is enough street light to make you visible.”

    ------------------------------------------------------------End of Rant --------------------------------------------------------------------
    Riding of a bike on road is considered as a very dangerous activity in most of Indian households –One old guy I knew remarked “ It is like asking Yama to come and help yourself “

    It is easy to laugh off at the face of people who talks like this, and even blame for others and road conditions for making Riding a dangerous exercise. Please take a moment and think yourself – who made it unsafe? Are you also part of the perpetrators ?

    Yes, if you are the one who talks in phone while riding

    Yes, if you are the one who crosses the junction when signal is red

    Yes, if you are the one who don’t use indicators in a turning

    Yes, if you are the one who have removed / folded the rear view mirrors

    Yes, if you are the one who stays invisible on road

    Yes, if you are the one who don’t care for wearing a helmet.

    Yes, if you are the one who rides without giving respect to other people on road

    Yes, if you are one who taught your kid how to ride, without explaining him/her how to ride safely.
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    Default Re: Importance of Being Visible

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    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Importance of Being Visible

    Very relevant topic.

    I remember reading a detailed article on it in Overdrive magazine in 2003. I didnt have a bike then but some things from it stuck with me:

    1. Always wear bright clothing or a jacket with reflective strips, even in the day time.
    2. Ideally a black bike with a black outfit and black helmet looks really cool, but its best to have a bright coloured bike at the very least since they are more visible to the person coming from the opposite direction towards you, if there is a light source coming from behind you.

    I think DRLs and AHO in bikes should help in increasing visibility. Its good these are now becoming standard features.
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