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Thread: How Many Times You Crashed ?

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    Default Re: How Many Times You Crashed ?

    1. Major Skid but survived: I was driving at 50-60 on newly constructed road in areas of Lanco Hills, Hyderabad. I didn't see the breaker as my vision blocked by card and auto ahead of me. Car hit the break to which I thought I will maneuver and take pass from left side. Now as auto also stopping I had to hard break while maneuvering, result, wheel locked and Skid to 5-6 meters.
    I was able to stand on feet and took a min to get clear conscious. To my surprise just minor scratch to bike but major bruises on elbow, back of palm and left knee. A little scratch on helmet. Bruises were so big that nurse in hospital were horrified and surprise why I am smiling. Because I knew I just survived from major damage.
    I always ride with gloves and basic jacket (My office college sometimes made fun of it. What! are you riding racing bike?). But didn't wore at that day. Bad luck. It took around a month to recover from bruises.
    Lesson: Always wear gears. Be attentive on unknown road. Respect the speed limit given on road. It was 20 and I was going definitely over 50.

    2. Small sand pit made bike topple and nearly killed both me and my grandma : I was stopped in traffic jam in leftmost of road. My grandma was sitting with both legs on one side. As soon as I stared moving with traffic. I saw a sand pit in front of me and there was no way to right or left so I thought It would not harm driving over it. My front tyre moved over but rear tyre gets slide to left causing my grandma leaned right.
    I realized, I can't control the bike straight and I tried to lean slowly over right but finally grandma hit the road and she screamed. Luckily no vehicle hit us from back. We moved to hospital nothing major injury. Just pain for few days. Now Make sure then hold grandma/mon hold tight and avoid pit at any cost.
    Lesson: We always encounter these types of pits. If you are with lady pillion sitting one sided. Don't go in pit. If bike will lean over right you may not able to control but pillion will fall as there is no support. Ask them to hold you tight.

    3. Got skid over Banana Peel
    : Yes, you read it right. I was ridding with pillion in colony and suddenly a white walker appeared from nowhere. I hit the break at 10Kmph and next second I see both of us on ground. wtf just happened. A passer by told we skid on banana peel. 2 days of pain in shoulder.
    Lesson: Bad luck can strike you anytime.

    4: Skid over Pebbles which were not there in morning: While returning from office by service road of ORR hyderabad. There is more than 90° with good curve. I was at around 30Kmph realized I was not turning as much I should be and there are lots of pebbles which was not there while coming to office. I knew that if would break more I will skid badly, so I let the wheel roll till it hit the side of road and little skid. nothing happened to bike or me. Just crash guard got shaven.
    Lesson:Be aware of pebbles one curves even if road is well known to you.
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    Default Re: How Many Times You Crashed ?

    Zero times . I keep it very safe. Very very safe. Have been driving from last 5 years

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    Default Re: How Many Times You Crashed ?

    I have crashed two times in my 2012 Hero Ignitor..

    1.That was a one fine day before my exams.Me and 5 of my friends suddenly planned a trip.I was not much interested since we barely had only 1 day left for exams.Finally they brainwashed me(usaully friends do that) by showing motovlogs and pictures of that place and I too got excited then made my mind.

    At that time I did not had any riding gears.Helmet was my only riding gear.the trip was from coimbatore to Vaalparai.I was wearing half pants and a hoodie sweat shirt and my riding gear(helmet alone 😵).

    Finally we started from coimbatore.Me and one of my friend in Ignitor.other two was on a P220 and the other one was solo on his R15..we rode like a chain behind one another it was awsome to ride like that.Public gave a head turning reaction.

    We were going on healthy speed nearly 65 to 70kmph.finally we reached the road of Aliyar.It was empty and we guys started to push the throttle harder..R15 was on very high speed he nearly vanished.P220 guy was on 110kmph.And I was on 95kmph.

    I was behind p220 and i was close too.suddenly a dog came from somewhere in front of 220.To prevent from hitting the dog he suddenly pulled his brakes.

    Since I was behind them and closer.I too tried to brake and i lost my control and that too with pillion in high speed without disc brakes.I crashed with 220 in-between the rear wheel and silencer. Knowing that I am crashing.My 220 friend he suddenly accelerated his bike and moved front within a fraction of second (thank god his presence of mind) otherwise it would have become a very big disaster.After that I and my pillion rider was thrown away.My head part was the first to land in road.I saw my helmet breaking into pieces from inside.It was a yamaha version Steelbird helmet.Thank god only helmet was broken and I was sliding in the road for a long distance and my left side of the body was fully scratched from shoulder till the toe.I got up suddenly at once when the sliding stopped and went to the other side of the road and fell down.because what if any vehicle from behind hits me.after reaching the other side I removed my helmet my head was giving a feel of heavy vibration and I fainted.Then before creating a scene i was woked up by my friends and they took me.Luckily my bike was safe and no major injuries for my bike.My pillion rider got injured in his leg and palm.It took nearly a month to recover and I attended my exams with those injuries 😹 big lesson learnt not to ride like stupid especially without safety gears.

    2.This is number two after getting recovered from the 1st accident

    It has been a month since the 1st accidents and my exams were completed successfully..

    One afternoon.I thought of heading to petrol pump for filling fuel.My Ignitor was nearly I took my bike to the nearest petrol pump and i filled it.Started to return back.

    The road was empty both the sides covered with trees and leaves falling down.clouds were darker.I was like enjoying the ride in 30 to 40kmph.

    Then came a empty lorry behind me in high speed.I dont have side mirrors in my Ignitor removed it for styling purpose.

    Hearing the sound i sensed that it is a lorry and he started to travel to my side that too very close..The road was empty and it had big space.I dont know why he did like that.He started to corner me by getting making me to get down the road..I was near his rear wheel at that time.the gap between the road's edge and the sand was high there is 80% of chance getting my front wheel slipped and leaving my head into his rear wheels

    I was managing to drive in the edge.Thinking he will move away.but he was not moveing.And finally he went by hitting my handle bars and I was crashed badly.

    My bike's faring was broken into pieces my leg,elbow and wrist got fractured and also scratches all over.This time all the injuries were on the right side.

    It took 3 months to recover and the pain i went through was not explainable..

    So guys ride safe please dont do mistakes like me.Dont ever compromise safety gears.and also when you go for styling your bike please dont remove the mirrors.Hope my experience helps you all

    -Thank you

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    Default Re: How Many Times You Crashed ?

    Had a close shave yesterday night when, in the old Hindi movies style - my bike's brakes failed!

    ***A close inspection today showed the problem - bust O rings in the master cylinder and all brake fluid leaked out***

    So, back to the story - I was chugging along with traffic at a very leisurely pace of 25-30 kmph when I saw a pothole too big as well as deep to be avoided by swerving so I decided to reduce the speed and take it slowly. I pressed the brake level and lo - ZERO bite and the lever hits the handlebar.

    I literally fell in the pothole and flew out about a feet in the air at the same pace and touched a nearby scoot ridden by an aunty. She however didn't make a fuss probably because she saw the whole pothole thingy happen by her side and later I showed her the failed brake mechanism, which was working till 2 minutes back. Finally I helped her get back and be on her way. I was safe and didn't have any injuries apart from a mental shock wave.

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    Default Re: How Many Times You Crashed ?

    I've had only one major crash and multiple minor ones. In fact when I first fell down, I got so embarrassed and traumatized, for a couple of days I could only think what are the others thinking of me ? How embarrassing.
    Then over a period of time I got so used to it, I crashed in Brigade road in peak hour in Bangalore (For those who don't know, that's where aaallll the crowd goes over the weekend, young, old, hip, not so hip etc including foreigners), I got up, brushed myself off, picked up my bike and went on like nothing happened

    My major crash happened when I took a day off from college to study for an on-campus interview. I was going to pick up my brother and was approaching a Y shaped junction, there was a huge garbage truck coming towards me so huge that nothing behind it was visible. As I approached the junction at approx 40-45kmph, an eicher truck suddenly swerved from behind the truck taking a right turn right in front of me ! I skidded about a couple meters but due to the gravel got no traction. My TVS Victor's front hit the truck's left-side rear, along with the side of my body.
    When I came to my senses I realized I was lying face down in the middle of the road, I immediately checked my fingers, arms, legs by moving them one by one and realized my left knee felt weird. People carried me to the side of the road which is when I saw that my pant's knee area was torn and thru the tear I saw my knee wide open ! There was a slab of flesh just hanging and I could see bone and flesh One old woman standing nearby started wailing and shouting after seeing that but somehow due to the shock or whatever, I was calm and the pain hadn't kicked in yet.
    End result, missed the placement drive, shattered knee bone, 2 hour surgery, 2 titanium screws (still in), 2-3 weeks in hospital, 3 months at home and 1 month of painful physiotherapy and a knee that never felt the same since.

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    Default Re: How Many Times You Crashed ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Divya Sharan View Post

    I literally fell in the pothole and flew out about a feet in the air .................... I was safe and didn't have any injuries apart from a mental shock wave.

    This is why you should ride offroad. You will get used to flying in the air and not suffer any mental shock Pothole fear will be passé.
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    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

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    Default Re: How Many Times You Crashed ?

    I've crashed a lot. 2 times during my squidding days, 4 times during my non-squidding days. Lots of bruises, lots of fractures 😛
    Ride: Honda Activa 2005
    Riding gear: None
    Consequences: First accident- shoulder fracture
    Second accident- shoulder and knee fracture.
    Details- I didn't have any idea of how to ride properly. Just speeding everywhere, like a teenage w/o brains does 😛
    First accident happened just outside my house. Came off the ramp, turned left, and BAM! Hit another scooter.
    Second one happened when I was returning from my tuition. Had to turn right. A Yamaha FZ-S was approaching, at quite high speed. He couldn't brake in time, I didn't brake and BAM! he hit me right on the knee....
    Non Squidding days-
    Ride- Honda CBR250R
    Gears- Studds Shifter helmet, Vega JK-07 jacket, Cramster TRG-2, Vega MCS-05 leather gloves

    First crash: just 2 weeks after I bought the bike. Was in a hurry when suddenly a Ford Fiesta turned from the oncoming lane, w/o any indication. Hit the car on the Rear passenger door. Speed? 70kph, reduced due to braking.
    Consequences: bent left clip-on, no injuries as such

    Second crash: Low visibility, was following a friend a bit too close. Dog jumped outta nowhere, friend saved himself, I rode over the dog. Dog=dead (RIP)
    Consequences: Jacket took the impact and saved the body, gloves tore, and a banged up knee. Broken windshield, left clip-on bent, banged up gear shifter and a lot of scratches on left fairing, and a broken new phone 😢

    Third crash: Took a left. Evening time. Around 40 kph, outta nowhere, I see a kid and 2 women. Swerved the bike, saved the kid and got dragged around 50 metres (IDK the distance. But the bike was far away from me)
    Consequences: left clip on, again 😑 and broken left rear view mirror.

    Fourth crash: at a highway, going to my grandma's house. I fainted while riding, speed around 70-80kph.
    Woke up after 10 mins. Reason for fainting may be a nose-bleed that happened the day before. Thrown off the bike.
    Consequences: fractured ribs, banged up knee, broken helmet (shell cracked, apparently I hit a brick or something, idk), bent clip on yet again -_- , broken left fairing, jacket sacrificed
    gloves (TRG-2) held pretty good, was wearing boots, so, they held up good too.

    Still have a nasty scar on my knee, but, over time, also learnt to control my adrenalin and want to speed up.
    Replaced the helmet with a SMK, jacket with a PGS one. Gloves and boots are still good

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    Default Re: How Many Times You Crashed ?

    A Long long time ago when I hit a parked truck at the loading bay !!! Not a big deal ....

    The only fall that haunts me and will always do is that from a Honda Activa. It was a cold cold day and I've been riding the Activa for a few days as my bike went in for servicing.

    I took a corner hard (yes on the Activa), lost traction and low-sided. Luckily my jacket and the Know TPU on my gloves saved my skin !!!
    When I'm on the road, I'm indestructible. No one can stop me... but they try.

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