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Thread: Welcome to the 'Do-it-Yourself' section

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    Default Welcome to the 'Do-it-Yourself' section

    Wholesome motorcycling is not just about good bikes, good riding gear and good riding habits. Its also about keeping all the above in good order. This Do-it-Yourself section is about just that. Anyone who has worked on his steed with his own hands knows the satisfaction and joy thats the consequence of such work completed successfully. After this hands-on work, there seems to be a stronger bond between the rider and the bike.

    This section is about sharing of and learning from the experience of working on ones vehicle. And to make it universally comprehensible, it needs to be systematic and well-organised in structure and content.

    Following are a few general requirements that need to be fulfilled for a thread to be approved here. And needless to say, a DIY thread once approved is there for keeps.

    The points below give details of the format to be followed compulsorily in posting on this thread.

    1. The Introduction:
    The Heading of the thread should clearly point at the process/procedure discussed with the vehicle model name followed by work description.
    For eg: Pulsar 180 UGII-Carb tuning, ZMA-R - Headlamp adjustment etc etc.

    The heading is followed by a brief overview of the need for the maintenance/modification work done on the vehicle and the desired results aimed for. Ex: My Pulsar 180 UGII had unstable idling RPM and needed carb adjustment to rectify this. or my ZMA-R's headlight beam was focussed too low which reduced night-time visibility. It needed to be adjusted to give a better beam spread etc etc.

    2. Precautions needed to be observed before, during and after completion of described work.
    For eg: Work on carbs in a well ventilated place, no smoking or even answering of phones in the vicinity of petrol fumes, the carb needs to be cleaned from outside before opening it etc.

    3. Tools needed for the work. The best option here would be to give a labeled photo of all the tools but even a systematic list beneath a photo of all required tools will serve the purpose.

    4. Step-wise procedure with clear photos of each step alongwith its supporting text. Break up the work into small discrete steps that would be easy to follow even the technically challenged. This section is as much about learning as about sharing.

    5. Points of note, cross-checks on whether the procedure was successful (including precautions before conducting such cross-checks esp. on electrical repairs)

    6. A follow-up note that can be added by the thread starter at a later date describing how well the work done has stood the test of time and usage.

    Any additions made to a thread by members other than the thread starter shall be moderated. No appreciative/critical posts, no discussions etc shall be approved. The thread content shall be kept purely focused on the work detailed by the thread starter.

    Calling all grease-monkeys to wipe their hands and hammer away on the keyboard. Come and share what you know and can do with the world through xBhp.

    NOTE: Anyone with queries about the procedure described or about sourcing parts and materiel should use the PM facility for communicating with the thread starter.
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    Thread Made Sticky.

    @all: Please go through this thread thoroughly and understand what the requirements of a DIY section thread is, before posting a thread in this section. A thread posted in this section must adhere to the guidelines posted above by OF sir. That way it makes our (moderator's) job easier, and it also helps in comprehending the text better.

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