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  • 2 Post By aargee

Thread: Changing clutch cable for Yamaha RX series (100 & 135)

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    Default Changing clutch cable for Yamaha RX series (100 & 135)

    This is a clutch cable change procedure carried out on my Yamaha Rx when the old clutch wire cut off. The procedure is same for Rx100, RXG & Rx135 4 speed models. Though the procedure may be similar for 5 speed model, I haven't tested the 5 speed model to confirm.

    - If you're doing for the first time, you might want to seek a professional help for certain steps such as fixing the clutch cable end to lever push or removing & fixing back the spring tension
    - When the clutch case cover is removed, take care that it doesn't keeps moving around for loss of paint


    - 10mm wrench; socket drive cannot be used
    - Philip head screwdriver
    - Flat head screwdriver
    - Long nose plier

    Step 1
    - Position the motorcycle in main stand/upright position
    - Remove the circlip from the gear lever using the long nose plier followed by the washer
    - Pull out (towards you) the arm shift & pedal shift to remove the unit. Tip - Use a cloth & screw driver to push the armshift only to prevent scratches.

    - Remove the four screws marked in the picture in the order of 2,3,4 & 1 and finally remove the clutch case

    Step 2
    - This is how the clutch cable looks on the top. Remember to insert the rubber cover before fixing the cable at the clutch lever

    and this is how it looks at the bottom (the Hook Spring is attached to show how it would appear, otherwise there's no Hook Spring available with the clutch wire)

    - Fix the wire adjusters (nut & bolt wire adjusters) & place them as shown in the picture

    - Push the clutch cable top at the bottom of the clutch lever & then turn it anti-clockwise (from the front side of motorcycle) so that it passes easily through both the wire adjusters. See the pic

    Tip - Once the cable is passed, change the position of bolt & nut adjusters position to uneven so that the cable does not fall off
    - Pass the cable between speedometer & handle bar underneath the fuel tank & bring it towards the clutch case side

    Step 3
    - This is how the clutch case should look like with the existing (broken) cable

    - Remove the Spring Tension from the Lever Push
    - Next, turn the old clutch wire from top to bottom (ant-clockwise) so that the Hook Spring & old clutch wire are aligned together & the old wire can be removed by pulling the assy towards top

    - Use the same above step in reverse order to place the bottom of the new clutch. i.e., place the clutch bottom to Hook Spring & then push towards bottom & then turn clock-wise. Tip - It is highly suggested seeking a professional help if you're doing it for first time.

    Step 4
    - Fix the clutch side casing back using the screws in the order of 1, 4, 3 & 2 & tighten them properly.
    - Engage & disengage the clutch lever to ensure that the clutch is in action.
    - Fix the armshift & pedal shift, followed by washer & circlip.
    - Start the vehicle & check the gear shifts by engaging & disengaging the clutch lever
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    DIY thread approved.
    (Been There Done That) x 3.25

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    Default Thank u

    Succesfull changed my clutch cable on my RX 100 .... but took almost an hour for me to get things done.

    Now the front break has an issue, when I tightened it up, the thread area has gone off just like that and it slips off, not sure abou the name (at the drum side where the cable goes and rests in a small cavity) and after that is the long threaded bolt or screw, the adjuster nut is not holding on anymore.
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    aarge.....Thanks for sharing, quite informative for amateurs like me.
    BTW I'm unable to see the pictures, whether it has been removed? or my browser issues

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    Default Re: Changing clutch cable for Yamaha RX series (100 & 135)

    Hi aargee, Sorry, I know it's an old thread but I would request you to fix the page so that the pictures are visible. Thanks, Shahul

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