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Thread: DIY for cleaning CBZ extreme/hunk/unicorn chain

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    Default DIY for cleaning CBZ extreme/hunk/unicorn chain

    There has been a lot of discussion on chain cleaning but i have not seen a proper guide for cleaning of chain. So i thought of posting a DIY thread on cleaning of CBZ extreme/hunk chain. However it is applicable to all bikes like pulsar,unicorn, splendor, platina or every bike.
    This is a detail guide on cleaning the chain and will take easily 2 hours. So ensure you have ample time or second bike for doing this kind of maintenance.

    Why the need of cleaning chain?
    Ok, this is a question which many nearby me, who knows me ask. The answer lies in my bike itself. As you know i have a joy and lets talk about chain life. Usually chain kit last for 20-40k on different bikes. But in my joy with regular cleaning and lubing every 10k the present chain kit has lasted for 87k and is still looking like new and the chain is not binding. So as you see with little maintenance we can easily extend the chain kit life by 3 times.

    How to go about cleaning chain?
    Cleaning chain should be done in a elaborate manner i.e by removing and cleaning all the dirt from chain, sprockets, cover, e.t.c.

    How does dirt decrease the life of chain?
    The dirt embeds itself on the roller, link plates, in between the roller and will cling itself because of the oil present.
    The most dangerous is the sand which easily finds its way inside cover.
    What it does is that with the help of oil it becomes a grinding paste which will continuously grind the chains and sprockets and will decrease their life. The chain will frequently loose tension because of grinding as it will cause play in rollers.

    So the procedure for cleaning chains and making like new:


    PLIER, T-HANDLE, 8 and 10 no. socket.

    A long flat edges screwdriver for scrapping the inside of chain cover.

    A pan, brush and about half liter of kerosene.

    A 30 no. wrench for loosening half axle bolt, a 22 no. wrench for axle bolt and a 19 no. wrench for holding other end of axle. Here i have used a 22 no. wrench, adjustable spanner and 30 no. socket and L-handle.

    Photo of the chain cover and front sprocket cover.
    How to remove chain cover?
    This has been asked by many Hunk owners as they feel without removing wheel we cannot remove cover.
    The process is as follows:-
    1. Open all the four bolts of cover by using 10 No. T-wrench and socket.
    2. Hold both the top and bottom cover and lift the rear of top cover and the lower cover will come loose. Remove the lower cover.
    3. The tricky part is removing top cover. For removing top cover lift the rear of top cover by approx 1 inch and slide it backwards till the front part of cover reaches rear sprocket and then lift and remove. If you try to remove by lifting directly then you cannot remove.
    Now removing Front sprocket cover :-
    remove the two bolts(one top and other below near gear shaft) and pull out the cover. If you see the bolts too tight then find a hollow pipe about 1 feet in length be it old fork pipes, or PVC pipe or steel rod. Now insert the pipe at one side handle of T-wrench and twist holding the pipe. The pipe will provide leverage.

    The chain after only 6k. See the dirt. If you do not clean chain regularly then this dirt with oil will act as grinding paste and damage the rollers and sprocket causing premature wear and tear.

    The front sprocket cover removed. Look at the dirt at front sprocket and its surroundings.

    The inside of front sprocket cover. The metal part acts as a support for the cover and while fitting back both the holes should be matched.

    The master link which needs to open. Notice that the lock is fitted in opposite direction to the direction of rotation of chain.

    The process to remove lock. Use plier to hold the edge of lock and the roller bush. Now clip the plier and the lock will be removed.Pics courtesy:- SHOEB
    After removing lock to remove the plate hold the plate at middle by plier and pull such that both the sides are removed at equal force. If you pull the lock plate by one side it will not come out.

    The Front sprocket removed.
    How to remove front sprocket:-
    1. Remove the chain lock and remove the chain.
    2. Now put the bike into gear and use 10 No. T-wrench to open the bolts. If the bolts are tight use the method of pipe to apply more force.

    After removing the front sprocket insert a old paper under the engine so that the kerosene doesn't drip on the floor. If you are married you can think what will be the consequence.
    Now dip the brush in kerosene and apply it generously all over the place. Let it soak for 5 mins and once again apply kerosene on the area and use a old cloth to wipe it dry.

    The picture after cleaning and wiping

    Cleaning the rear sprocket. Use paper behind the sprocket to prevent alloys to get dirty. Now apply kerosene on the sprocket including the holes and let it soak. Then after 5 min apply kerosene again and wipe it with the cloth.

    The rear sprocket cleaned and wiped.

    The chain, master link, lock,lock plate, front sprocket, front sprocket lock and bolts all in tray and pour about 250 ml of kerosene. Now apply it on every thing also front sprocket cover and leave to soak for 15 mins.

    The inside of lower chain cover. See the amount of sand in it. When the chain gets loose then it rubs against the sand and will once again get dirty. Also this will block the drain passage in cover and will cause watter logging in the cover.Use the flat headed screw driver and scrap the sand out preferably outside on soil and not on floor.

    Now apply kerosene on the covers with brush inside and out.

    These are the drain which gets blocked when the cover gets jammed with dirt.
    Will continue tommorow.
    Last edited by sibun; 09-09-2012 at 10:25 PM.
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    DIY approved.
    (Been There Done That) x 3.25

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    Thanks a lot sibun bhai. Thanks a lot.
    One thing - why do we need those 30, 22 and the adjustable wrench..? Never used them in the procedure

    And also, I am going to replace the chain kit. ROLON kit for Unicorn only is available. Will that one fit..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sooraj_vs View Post
    Thanks a lot sibun bhai. Thanks a lot. One thing - why do we need those 30, 22 and the adjustable wrench..? Never used them in the procedure And also, I am going to replace the chain kit. ROLON kit for Unicorn only is available. Will that one fit..?
    Do not go for unicorn kit. If It is more costly and you will miss the trademark hunk/extreme punch and your bike will feel like a commuter. If not available for extreme then go to ASC of hero and ask for chain sprocket kit. Open the kit and see the chain through the plastic packing. If it is written diamond/ROLON buy the kit else ask them to show another kit. You can easily get DIAMOND KIT for hunk. Just call your local office and you can get the address where you can buy.Just google TIDC chains.And wait for the completion of the post which i will complete by Tomorrow as i have till now completed the post because of personal problem of mine.After this i will post a DIY on brake pad replacement and cleaning the caliper so that pads do not rub against disc and also the life of pad is increased and the brake bite is increased. In my extreme i just brake with my middle finger(one finger only). So wait for the DIY on caliper servicing.
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    Photo of my joy- lac km cont....Ownership review of my joy- slowly updating as and when getting time. HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME(2011) - 47K KM AND COUNTING tuning guide

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    I've got a question here to @sibun , lot of questions actually. I own a TVS star city and has got a similar chain as yours, some said its not an O ring chain. I dont know what kinda chain i have on my bike anyways. Can i use diesel to clean the chain coz kerosene is hard to find these days or WD 40 which is better diesel or WD 40? from where do i buy WD 40? The SC guys put grease on it for both the services (1st and 2nd). It's sticky and attracts more dust and sand to it. So last time i cleaned it with diesel (chain still attached to bike) and then lubed it with TVS TRU SPRAY chain lube. Did i do the right thing? how often should i clean and lube the bike? I ride around 50kms a day, and i have a chain cover. Please help
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    How did you remove the upper part of the chain cover without removing the rear wheel? For my Hunk, I tried many times but couldn't succeed. I had posted this problem in the Xtreme/Hunk thread also. @Sibun, can you please throw some light on this issue please.

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    Default Continuation of chain cleaning

    I tried to edit the previous post but couldn't succeed. Mods please try to merge with previous post.

    Name:  Photo0178.jpg
Views: 7755
Size:  71.5 KB
    Now after soaking everything in kerosene for 15 mins take it to hose down with pressurized water.
    Hose down the chain, master link, lock plate, lock, front sprocket and keep it aside. Be careful to not loose master link, lock plate and lock.
    Now hose the front sprocket cover, and chain covers. If possible clean the chain and front sprocket cover by dish wash liquid as dish wash liquid is excellent in removing traces of kerosene and oil on covers.
    Name:  Photo0179.jpg
Views: 7805
Size:  22.0 KB
    If you have access to pressurized air then dry it or else hang the chain for drying and shake the chain 3-4 times so that water gets drained from links.
    Name:  Photo0180.jpg
Views: 7864
Size:  34.4 KB
    The front sprocket, front sprocket lock, bolt, master link, plate, lock all cleaned. Also the brush and pan has been cleaned. All has been cleaned by pressure water. Cleaning of pan and brush is important because since it is already wet with kerosene so the dirt will be cleaned with water. But if the kerosene dries then it will become difficult to clean pan.
    Name:  Photo0181.jpg
Views: 8248
Size:  40.6 KB
    The chain cover cleaned and left for drying.
    You can see kerosene and a shock oil bottle which is used for spraying kerosene.
    Name:  Photo0182.jpg
Views: 8178
Size:  37.7 KB
    The front sprocket cover cleaned. While fitting back ensure the holes of cover and the metal plate matches.
    Name:  Photo0184.jpg
Views: 7522
Size:  27.3 KB
    The chain is cleaned and dried and is awaiting lubrication.
    Name:  Photo0185.jpg
Views: 8104
Size:  50.2 KB
    Using gear oil SAE 90 just pour it on the middle slowly and see that the oil slides down one link after another. Pour on both sides of links for lubrication.
    Name:  Photo0186.jpg
Views: 7467
Size:  38.1 KB
    Place the pan for catching any oil dripping onto floor.
    In the picture you can see my joy.
    Name:  Photo0189.jpg
Views: 10207
Size:  47.3 KB
    Fit the chain on rear sprocket and pull towards front sprocket.
    Name:  Photo0191.jpg
Views: 13515
Size:  42.9 KB
    After fitting the front sprocket wrap the chain around the front sprocket and pull so that both ends meet.
    Name:  IMG_1341.JPG
Views: 8443
Size:  51.3 KB
    Procedure for fitting chain lock. With practice you can perfect it.
    If the chain lock do not meet then you have to loosen the chain.
    Use the 19 no. wrench to hold the axle from the rear sprocket end and loosen the axle from other end(brake drum side) by using 22 no. wrench.
    Use a 10 no. spanner and 12 no. spanner to open the two lock nuts of chain adjuster and loosen both side chain adjuster.
    Now use 30 no. wrench to loosen the big nut of rear sprocket which clamps the rear axle sleeve to swing arm.
    Now from rear of wheel hit the wheel alternatively right and left and the wheel will move forward.
    Now fit the chain link and lock.
    How to tighten chain?
    Slowly rotate the wheel and see at which point the chain is tighter than other section. Any chain will have slight up down movement. Find the point where the chain is at highest point.
    Keep that in middle of bottom part and adjust the adjuster such that there is 20 mm free play.
    The adjuster must be adjusted to same marking on both side. This will prevent wobbling in rear and if both the adjuster is not adjusted same at both sides then handling will suffer.
    Now tighten the axle sleeve nut by using 30 no. wrench.
    Check by rotating such that the tight portion has 20 mm free play.
    Now tighten the rear axle by 19 and 22 no. wrench by brake centering.
    Brake centering is the process in which the wheel is adjusted so that the drum is perfectly in line with brake shoe.
    It is very easy.
    Just rotate the wheel and ask some one to suddenly stomp the rear brake pedal. The wheel will stop with jerk.DO not remove the pressure on pedal and tighten the axle nut.After tighten the axle nut then ask the person to remove pressure from pedal.
    The benefits are:-
    1. Wheel will rotate free and will not rub against brake.
    2. Braking improves a lot and the shoe wear is minimized.
    3. If by chance you have not adjusted the chain adjuster equal on both side then the adjuster will become same with the tighter adjuster.
    4. The wheel will automatically move to center and thus wobbling will not occur.

    Whenever the axle is loosened be it for chain adjustment, puncture, brake shoe replacement , e.t.c. If by chance if you have loosened the axle nut then brake centering is compulsory.
    Brake centering needs to be done on both front and rear wheel. It doesn't matter if it is drum or disc. It needs to be done on all.
    Also new shoe/pads or old brake centering needs to be done on all.

    The log is completed. If any doubts ask i will answer when i get time.

    Next i will post DIY on rear brake shoe replacement and cleaning of cam and fitting.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Photo of my joy- lac km cont....Ownership review of my joy- slowly updating as and when getting time. HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME(2011) - 47K KM AND COUNTING tuning guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by sibun View Post
    Notice that the lock is fitted in opposite direction to the direction of rotation of chain.
    This diagram explains it well.
    Name:  Chain_Install.jpg
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Size:  77.5 KB
    It is better to grease the master link with an All Purpose grease.

    Highly detailed procedure,waiting for more DIY from you.
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    Thanks mate.... so gear oil SAE 90 is good for chain lube.

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    Default Re: DIY for cleaning CBZ extreme/hunk/unicorn chain

    @sibun can I clean the sprocket and chain without removing the chain. . ?

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    10 years into riding :D
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