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Thread: Switch Controlled LED Lights Setup

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    Default Switch Controlled LED Lights Setup

    Hi TAI friends,

    I think many of you would like beautiful lights placed in many parts of your bikes.this DIY is dedicated for you guys.

    you will need:

    1.any type of 12v DC lights(I prefer LED as they consume very less power).
    2.Wires(I have used speaker wires in this setup as LEDs draw less power).
    3.A switch(You can get one from an automobile stop).
    4.a Blade
    5.Insulation tape

    1.locate the ignition socket (the socket which is in the bottom of the key set)
    2.most of the bikes need the headlight assembly/the mask/fairing to be removed to locate the socket.
    3.slowly remove the insulation on the black wire of the socket to hook up the live(positive) wire for the LED setup.
    4.connect the wire and tape it carefully. take another wire and connect it to any dark green wire(negative).
    6.after installing the LED lights to the desire parts or position connect them with the positive and negative wires drawn from the socket.I prefer to lay the wires under the petrol tank to make the wires hidden.
    7.A switch needs to be placed in-between the positive wire to control the supply of current.(Refer image for perfect mapping).
    8.Voila.You have perfectly completed a LED light setup.

    *The red and black wire in the first image are the wires for the setup.
    *The above setup draws power directly from try not to put too much load to it.
    *The current passes through only after turning the bike ON(Engine need not be started).

    Please leave your comments on the DIY and feel free to ask any questions.


    The outcome:

    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default Re: Switch Controlled LED Lights Setup

    DIY Approved
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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