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Thread: D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shift sock Shoe protector

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    Default D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shift sock Shoe protector

    Motorcycle shift sock available in market are costly and are not affordable by everyone. so i did some googling for a DIY and found one on posted by Rider Sajal. Basically this DIY is cheap and not time consuming.There are two things on the motorcycle shifter assembly, which causes stains on the rider's shoes - the metal base of the shifter, which leaves it's stains and secondly the rubber padding of the shifter which accumulates dust, and since it's rubber, the does not get off easily and subsequently cause stains.

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    The raw materials

    The things needed for this D.I.Y are pretty simple and easily available in hardware shop -

    1) A 1/2" and 3/4" diameter plastic pipe around 10" in length each.
    2) Scissor/ cutter blade
    3) Cable Ties
    4) Oil for lubrication (any oil)

    Name:  WP_20131122_003.jpg
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    Step 1 - Put some oil inside the 3/4" diameter pipe to lubricate it from inside so that it goes through the Shifter assembly smoothly. Mind you we don't want a loose fitting, we would rather want a tight fitting, but putting some lubrication would help the process putting the pipe through.

    Step 2 - Push the pipe through the shifter assembly, right up to it's collar (till the right angled bend). Try to push the pipe so that at least 1" through the collar. This would ensure that pipe won't come off easily.

    Step 3 - Now cut off the remaining pipe after leaving 1/2" off the toe shifter.

    Step 4 - Split the 1/2" diameter pipe in middle.

    Name:  WP_20131122_005.jpg
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    Step 5 - Wrap this piece around the stem of the shifter and tie it with cable ties. This would ensure that no metal stains come from the stem of the shifter assembly.

    Name:  WP_20131122_009.jpg
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    This completes the job. Finishing can be given as per interest and need, like- length of the end of the stem pipe can also be adjusted. The daily operating heat on this pipe would make it more tough and would allow it sit firmly in due course of time.

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    Made one for rear brake lever too.
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    Make sure that you just rub the cover with a cloth before you start to ride and everything on the shoes should be as spanky as you want to be.

    Happy Riding!!
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    D.I.Y Motorcycle Shift Sock

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    Default Re: D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shift sock Shoe protector

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    Default Re: D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shift sock Shoe protector

    Good work, but how about using heat shrink tubing on the shift lever?
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    Default Re: D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shift sock Shoe protector

    The effort is praiseworthy. Only, it seems to be a Rube Goldberg - an unnecessarily complicated machine.

    I had the same issue on my bikes as belonging to the Yezdi era, I don't press down with the heel to change gears but pull up with the toe. So, I sawed off the heel shifter on my 2002 Pulsar 150 Classic. Also, my profession necessitates clean leather boots/shoes 7 days a week. How to have clean toes without going the Rube way...

    I fashioned a simple band of about 2 inches length for the left shoe/boot out of a piece of chamois leather that I cut from my bike washing leather. Why chamois? 'Cause it stretches easily unlike other types e.g. cowhide, lamb etc. Also, chamois is washable and very durable.

    The piece was cut after careful measurements of all the footwear I was likely to wear while riding the bikes (both the Pulsar and the CBR 250) to arrive at an average length. The two ends were joined with a piece of elastic cloth very similar to that found in the band of gentleman's briefs - I got this piece from my wife's sewing kit

    Before riding, I just slip the glove on to the left toe. The lower elastic band grips the under part of the boot/shoe so that the glove does not shift back and forth. The upper chamois sheath sits between the footwear surface and the gear shift lever's rubber cover. When I pull up on the lever, the chamois protects the delicate leather surface of the shoe/boot underneath. And when I press down on the lever, the wide elastic band prevents any slippage of the action.

    Cost of the device = zero + some praise and a suitable gift (Cadbury's Silk, big bar) to wife for giving me the piece of elastic.
    Effectiveness = 100%

    Problem solved!

    Bottoms Up!

    P.S. I have lost the device and so, no pics, sorry. Am making a new one now out of some odd piece of Rexine... crappy material but will suffice till I get my chamois piece back.
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    Default Re: D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shift sock Shoe protector

    I use these(table foot rubbers)

    atleast 3 of these, works better

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    Default Re: D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shift sock Shoe protector

    this is a nice DIY... but, just out of curiosity.. what if we use the "rubber" to simply roll it up the lever & cut off the excess part, and at the end, simply tie up a strap.. we can add maybe two to three layers since they are already lubricated right.. just asking for opinion....

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    Default Re: D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shift sock Shoe protector

    Good simple DIY. We wouldn't have to resort to such things if the stupid manufacturers had not decided to chop off the rear half of the gear shift lever (is that what it's called?). That is actually much easier - front shift is taken care by toes and rear by heel.
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    Default Re: D.I.Y - Motorcycle Shift sock Shoe protector

    @icemang, great idea. Similar to yours, there are few options available in the market as well. However yours 8s a good D.I.Y.

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