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Thread: DIY: R15 coolant replacement and thermostat clean

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    Icon6 DIY: R15 coolant replacement and thermostat clean

    Coolant replacement as per yamaha manual is suggested to be done every 2 years or so. In indian conditions, I prefer changing it every year, just a personal preference.

    1) The amount required as per yamaha manual is shown in the pic. Around 600ml in radiator and 250ml in reservoir. so approx 850ml would be needed for sure.
    I use motul motocool, 1L is for 395rs. Again, just a personal preference, I am a motul guy, from brake oil to engine oil.

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    2) Now from the front right side of bike, look for the screws which are marked in red circles open them and put them safe.
    After that see the right side fairing and remove the red and white screws marked in circles.
    Open up the side signal sockets, remember the color code. Usually i remember its black to black.
    Now put the panel where it can't be scratched.

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    3)Now that the radiator, spark plug and thermostat and the internal components are clearly visible, open the radiator cap. Do not do this when engine is hot, warning sign on radiator cap is enough to explain this.

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    4) Now look in front of the cylinder, there will be a 10mm drain bolt with philips screw type slot. Open it up using a spanner or use a Ring spanner of appropriate size. The coolant will start to drain.

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    5)Coolant draining will take sometime till then lets take care of the thermostat thing.
    Look to the left of the spark plug, a coupled white thing with the bolt is the thermostat. Remove the coupler and open it up using a 19mm spanner or appropriate ring spanner(preferable). Clean/replace it and then put it back into place and then connect the coupler back.

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    6) Now put the drain bolt back in as shown below. Do not overtighten as the head of this bolt comes strips off really quick and u would be stuck with broken bolt. Be advised and use ordinary spanner instead of ring ones.

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    7)Now get ready to fill the radiator, the amount is 590ml from the radiator cap of the markings inside the radiator shown in figure. I used the traditional measure and fill method as I had that measuring container which I got for fork oil replacement. If you don't have any, the motul motocool bottle comes with a gauge markings to other side of m.r.p and details. You can use that as a reference. Remember some space would be necessary between the cap and coolant so that it can expand a bit if heated too much.

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    8) Now put the radiator cap on and put back the fairing reversing the procedure. See the left side of the bike, we have to remove the panel which has 'DELTABOX' written on it. Remove it, the position of bolts and screws are shown. As you remove this, you will have a white container top exposed as show, that is the reservoir to radiator intake, this is where the radiator sucks in coolant if needed.

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    9)Remove that cap and the pipe will be exposed as shown.

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    10)Now look below, there are markings done to gauge how much coolant to be filled or you already know the quantity i.e. 250ml. Pour it in till it reaches the full mark observing from below. Unfortunately mine was empty (previous owner seemed to be too careless) and forgot to take pic after I topped it up but it should be quite visible, if not shake the bike a bit and you will definitely see it. dont worry about excess coolant if any, it will be drained through the black rubber pipe (to the left of where you topped the reservoir up) are the bottom.

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    11)Now put the side panel back reversing the order. Ride the bike and check if the coolant light on dashboard doesn't come up.

    Rip her hard.
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    Default Re: DIY: R15 coolant replacement and thermostat clean

    DIY Approved

    Great job, steps have been very clearly explained.
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: DIY: R15 coolant replacement and thermostat clean

    Tools required would be:

    Motul motocool or any coolant at least 850ml. Motocool costs 395rs for 1L.
    A funnel
    A large container to catch coolant. I small plastic tub of 1ft in diameter but still coolant spilled out a bit couldn't find anything else, don't make the same mistake.
    A philips screw driver
    allen key 5mm
    10mm size spanner (ring preferable). I guess it is provided in toolkit.

    When using a ring spanner to tighten the drain bolt, do not overtighten. I have seen a thread on xbhp regarding a stripped off head of the radiator bolt so proceed with caution.

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    Default Re: DIY: R15 coolant replacement and thermostat clean

    Good stuff! I have removed my stat, be careful whilst putting the drain screw back as well, I managed to cross threaded mine a few months back, finger tight first then use your driver to finish and don't over-tighten, let the engine run a little if you have a leak there you can tighten until it stops.

    Secondly once you've put it all back together, run the engine until the fan comes on, without the rad cap on, then rev it a few times then put the cap back on, this will ensure no air locks are present, unfortunately there's no bleed screw.
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    Default Re: DIY: R15 coolant replacement and thermostat clean

    .Hi bro i have a r15s .. its a really great bike.. but my coolant is leaking from the bike in its radiator reservoir cap and pipe.. can u please tell me wats the problem.the coolant level is above the mark i.e full..i had this problem before i went to svc with below low coolant marks they topped up the coolant and said its just overflow nothing to worry.. but its kinda annoys me ..i.e the coolant leakge.. always when i take my bike for a ride

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