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Thread: Reflective Graphics - Any vehicle

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    Default Reflective Graphics - Any vehicle

    Stickers and decals are nice, but want to really stand out at night?

    Name:  IMG_20141206_210757.jpg
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    Level – Quite simple and straightforward

    Reflective / conspicuity tape – the wider the better. I used 2” wide tape
    Tracing paper (if you need to trace a design)
    Normal paper sheets (A4)
    A bucket load of creativity helps

    Assorted blades (like a hobby knife kit)
    Transparent/Translucent work surface – Acrylic sheet or a glass table
    A table lamp

    Step 1: Design
    If you are going ahead with reflective graphics, I am guessing that you already have a design in mind. In my case, I wanted to add some extra “oomph” to the stock Impulse graphics, as opposed to many people who want to get rid of it.
    One thing to note is that red, white and yellow are the commonly available colours. So it would be best to ensure that your design uses only these 3 colours.
    If you can free-hand your design, then great. If not, trace the design from wherever you have it. (Mine was off the side of my bike). I would recommend using a CD marker as it leaves strong and dark line. If you are worried about the marker leaving ink on your surface, trace with a pencil, then go over it with a marker

    Step 2: Transfer
    The next step is to transfer the design onto a sheet of paper. You can ignore this step and use the tracing paper by itself, but I prefer to preserve the tracings incase I need to redo the stickers.
    Take the A4 sheets and divide it into strips that are the width of your reflective tape. This will make sure that your design stays within the tape boundaries. Place the tracing paper on the work surface and a light on the opposite side. This way, when you place the A4 sheet on the tracing paper, you can clearly see the design. Orient the designs such that they fit within you lines and waste as little space as possible. Mark clearly which sections are required, and which areas are wasted space. This will make sure that you do not cut into a required part.
    Important: Make sure that when you trace out the design on the A4, the designs are in reverse (mirror image).

    Step 3: Cut
    Now, cut the A4 paper to the width of the tape, as marked out earlier. Paste these strips on the back of the reflective tape. Use any glue that you want as the back of the tape is all backing paper that will be peeled off. Cut the tape into manageable lengths and use the scissors, blades to cut out the shapes.
    Be careful as the tape consists of layers, and scraping a blade can cause the layers to separate, so keep your cuts smooth and clean.

    Step 4: Apply, and done
    Once all your shapes are cut out, it is time to paste them on the vehicle. It is best if your vehicle is freshly washed before you apply the graphics. If not, atleast clean the area where your graphics will be placed. It may be a good idea to prepare the surface using rubbing alcohol/alcohol swabs to get rid of any oils.
    When applying the stickers, it would be a good idea not to peel off all the backing in one go. Peel back just a small corner. Pull the corner towards you slightly while you place the rest of the sticker on the surface. Move and rotate the sticker till you are happy with its position, then press down the corner where the backing has been peeled away. This will hold it in place. Use one finger to hold this corner in place while you slowly peel away more of the backing, while gently pressing down the sticker as you peel the backing away.

    Pics and other applications:

    Name:  1ec5874d-3205-4d19-bc52-3cf34682bbb3.jpg
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    When I had first completed the white parts

    Name:  605da5e9-3611-40cb-8193-e1e37dc52adc.jpg
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    Finished part of the red, then was about to move onto the tank, when I had an accident and my tank was changed. That was 11 months back. Still have not completed my graphics in all this time. Although I still have all the traces preserved, I just never had the patience.

    Coming to other applications, at the end of the day, a sticker is a sticker. So you can use these graphics anywhere – Bikes, cars, helmets, luggage. And you don’t have to keep yourself limited to automobiles. Check out some work I helped my friend with on his guitar.

    Name:  Screenshot_2016-01-12-09-50-32.jpg
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    So enjoy your modding, and PM me if you need any help. I’ve got quite a slew of mods to go along this one.
    Custom design DRL
    Rewiring switch cluster so that DRL are always on and you free up 1 spot on the switch for additional lighting/accessory control
    USB Charger
    LED winkers
    Helmet holder off the back of the bike
    Rewiring for Aftermarket (Xenon/HID) Headlights
    … just to name a few.
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    Default Re: Reflective Graphics - Any vehicle

    Bling DIY approved!

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    Default Re: Reflective Graphics - Any vehicle

    Is reflective tapes n radium tape the same?

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    Default Re: Reflective Graphics - Any vehicle

    is reflective tape and radium the same

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    Default Re: Reflective Graphics - Any vehicle

    where to get the reflective tape

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