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Thread: Exhaust rust removal and coating

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    Default Re: Exhaust rust removal and coating

    To primer or not to primer...

    Can someone please clarify?

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    Default Re: Exhaust rust removal and coating

    Hello everyone! Its almost a year, I am here to give you update about the DIY work I did on my Karizma R Silencer (rust removal and repaint).

    So, few days later the DIY work, I went for a small ride near my city, did a little bit of off roading and rode in rain from very little rain to heavy water pouring rain, from wet roads to water clogged roads, all in the span of few hours. The paint was really tested during that that day. And it came out on the top. It still looks newly painted after 11 months.
    The paint still has retained its water repelling property. Overall, its a successful DIY. I will update again, if rust starts to show up on the exhaust pipe or the paint starts to fade away.

    I don't know why but I am not able to upload the photos. I am getting [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error#2038"] message.

    It will be helpful if I can post the pictures.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abhi303 View Post
    Hi frnds, good morning. I wanted to share this but there are many of you who may have faced this issue often. Motorcycle exhausts getting rusty. It is really annoying to see motorcycle exhaust pipe rusted and it ruins the looks of your bike. I own karizma r 2014 and even my exhaust was rusted as bike emits lot of heat.


    Please let me know if this helped you. Its been now almost 1 month and my paint is not fading away.
    Good job mate, please do provide the update on the condition of the paint after few months.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vicky_New_Guy View Post
    To primer or not to primer...

    Can someone please clarify?
    I did it without the primer, the paint is still looks good. It would be always preferable to paint after using primer. But the thing is, I tried but did not get any High Temperature primer of this DIY. If you get one, I suggest to use it before the paint. Make sure, it's the High Temperature Primer as normal primer will not be able to hold itself on the exhaust pipe due to heat and will damage or remove the paint. Good luck.
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