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Thread: Retro Fitting 2016 DNA Replacement Air Filter for Benelli TNT 300 in 2015 model motorcycle

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    Lightbulb Retro Fitting 2016 DNA Replacement Air Filter for Benelli TNT 300 in 2015 model motorcycle

    So, some background before I start the DIY post.

    DNA is the only known manufacturer which makes replacement air-filters for all Benelli motorcycles, including the TNT 300.
    However, even though the website says compatible with 2015-16, somewhere in 2015 a design change was done by Benelli.

    Purchased from : DNA Filters

    So, What was the issue ?

    When I finally got the air-filter and got down to replacing my existing foam filter, I noticed it that the DNA filter I bought has only two mounting holes, instead of 4 that is required for my existing foam filter. On checking with the Service Manager at Benelli SVC in Bangalore, I got confirmation that 2015 & 2016 models had different air boxes. The new air boxes had just two mount points instead of four. I was all out ready to invest in a new airbox and get done with it. It would have costed me Rs.2000/-

    Below image is a comparison between the DNA Filter and Stock Filter
    Name:  a.jpg
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Size:  96.6 KB

    So, What was the juggad ?

    After a few discussions with fellow T3 rider, Srini, and a senior service technician at SVC and inspecting the air box, we figured that we can get rid of the two mountings which are 'extra' and mount the air filter using the matching mounts. There wouldn't be any concern because the intake to the engine is from above the air box and the holes will be under the air filter.

    Below is the step by step process in pictures to help understand better.

    1. Remove The Tank and be careful when disconnecting the fuel lines and electricals. It is best if you do this after the bike has cooled down to avoid any accidental fire incidents.
    Name:  1.jpg
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Size:  97.7 KB

    2. After Tank is Removed, open all the screws holding the air box lid.
    Name:  2.jpg
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Size:  70.4 KB

    3. Then you need to open the 4 screws holding the foam air filter.
    Name:  3.jpg
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Size:  64.2 KB

    4. Now, you need to cut off the mounts towards the back of the airbox. It's circled in red in the below picture.
    Name:  4.jpg
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Size:  63.2 KB

    After the mounts are cut.
    Name:  5.jpg
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    5. Fix the DNA Air Filter and use the two available mounts to screw the frame in place.
    Name:  7.jpg
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Size:  89.1 KB

    6. Assemble it all back up and you are done.
    Name:  8.jpg
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    And you can go over board with the stickers. I just fixed them all on the airbox, so that SVC fellow don't open it to clean unless necessary.
    If you have any questions, do ask below. I will try and answer them.

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    Default Re: Retro Fitting 2016 DNA Replacement Air Filter for Benelli TNT 300 in 2015 model motorcycle

    DIY Approved
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