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Thread: Karizma ZMR 2010 updated switches

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    Default Karizma ZMR 2010 updated switches

    Hello everyone
    This is my first post in the forum & please don’t mind if make any mistakes

    First of all Thanq for the admins for approving my profile

    To the point
    I own the ZMR 225cc black in 2010
    Frankly speaking karizma is the only sports bike in India that I know in my teenage & I always had a dream of owning it
    That day came & I used my ZMR very happily

    But unfortunately I’ve to go to Chennai for my studies & my father didn’t allow me to take my bike there with me
    I drove only 1800kms on it & from then on my cousins used the bike like crazy

    Infact I touched my bike after 2.5 years & the usage was 32555 kms & I said myself it’s ok

    What I got shocked is the engine sound is disturbing if I accelerate more than 50kmph & then I observed that the clutch wire was replaced with a Bajaj Chetak wire

    I took it to a mechanic who’s a friend of mine & got replaced the whole clutch assembly & wire along with some foundry work which costed me 3000

    From then on the bike is good but I always had a heat problem

    Then I took this initiative to mod by bike but believe me the results are ultimately positive

    I changed the right & left switches with the pulsar 220 switches

    I did this for 3 reasons
    1.For the kill switch
    2.The lights on the switches
    3.My old switches got stuck

    I use to drive my ZMR in moderate to extreme traffic conditions where I have to stop at many signals
    Turning off & then to on the key always is not a good thing to do as it will loosen the ignition key & also we have to wait 3-5 seconds after turning on the key as the sensors system will start functioning & you should not start the bike at that time
    So I came up with the kill switch
    What I observed is the bike when we are driving doesn’t produce that heat compared to when it was in neutral I mean like for example when we halted at a signal & the engine is on
    Believe me it produces more heat

    The lights on the switches
    Yeah I like them to & I need them to as my work shift ends up in late night it will be helpful for me

    My old switches got stuck as anyways I’ve to replace it & so I replaced it with these

    Few things to keep in mind
    Along with the switches I added a relay for the horn just not to put additional load on the battery
    A pair of 9 pin switches are also needed for the functioning of the lights on the both sides & also for the kill switch
    Both the handle grips also needs to be changed as the accelerator grip will not adjust in the left side switch

    So I brought a pair of pulsar grips which costed me Rs:30

    There will be 2 wires for acceleration in ZMR
    It is A & B
    I’ve to take off the B as there is no place to transfer the second wire from the switch
    It’s been 2 months & I’ve no problem in that

    None of the original wiring got disturbed in this process

    Some tips that also helped me to control the heat problem
    1. Good petrol(I use Essar,HP,BP & I don’t like IBP as I observed it is getting evaporated easily if you leave the bike for 2 days only - NO OFFENCE)
    2. Engine oil( I used Total engine oil which costed me Rs: 450 & also 1 more thing I’ve 1.10 litre engine oil in my bike)
    3. Clean the Radiator I mean oil cooler for leaks & any damages in the radiator grill(My oil cooler also had a problem in which the inlet wire got damaged & blocked)
    4. Get it serviced cleanly without any mud or oil debris on the engine heads & all
    Use WD 40 to clean it
    5. Clean the air filter
    6. Clean the 2 vents on the fairing on both sides to allow the heat from leaving outside
    7. This maybe funny but it worked for me
    Clean any rust on the silencer especially near the starting point
    It helped me

    Somethings to keep in mind
    If there is bumper to bumper traffic any bike will produce heat
    The fairing which covers almost the total engine of the ZMR is also the main reason for heating issue. They gave 2 vents on the fairing which are very small & cannot allow the heat to leave outside easily
    Don’t accelerate immediately. Acceleration should be smooth & should increase in a steady manner

    I hope these tips & tricks will help u
    Please do this on your own as I’m not responsible for any damages

    My warranty is over & I took the advice of HERO MOTOCORP for these switch changes & they suggested me to do properly with care & not by disturbing the original wiring
    I didn’t touch the sensors & the fuel pump as they’re the heart for the bike

    I took the help of an expertised mechanic for the wiring

    Thank you all

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    Thumbs up Re: Karizma ZMR 2010 updated switches

    DIY approved for now.

    Please elaborate further on the DIY part, the actual process, and if possible, make a step by step video or series of photos for the same. Thanks a lot for this.

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    Default Re: Karizma ZMR 2010 updated switches

    How much does the switches cost? Can you post the connector pictures?

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