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Thread: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

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    Default Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    Ever since I was a kid I liked to Ride Off-Road
    During School days it was with Bicycles.

    In 2002,when I was in college I got myself and used Hercules MTB 9000 cycle which was used for off roading for many years.
    I rode it in places where it was not meant to be – busted spokes and bent rims were part of it.

    2008,Got a job and finally in 2010 saved enough to buy my first motorcycle – Karizma R.
    The choice of Bike had nothing to do with my love for off roading ,It was chosen because according to me it was best at that time and even today I still think the same.
    At that time we did not had any motorcycles meant for Off roads.
    And again my Karizma was used to quench the off road thirst – broken levers,broken panels this time.

    Name:  DSC01498.jpg
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    In 2011 Hero brought Impulse in market.
    Immediately rushed to a dealership took test ride and left with a heavy heart,There was no way I could afford a second bike,selling my ZMA was not an option.

    2015 ,I located an unsold impulse at a dealership and brought it Home.It was when I felt very close to proper off roading

    Name:  1.jpg
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    Well everyone knows the beautiful chassis of Impulse deserves a more powerful engine.
    Started hunting for a Karizma engine and brought a used one for 20k with all papers.
    Swap was DIY

    Name:  9.jpg
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    Due to work I was transferred back to my Home State and I got my Impulse Re Registered.
    Had to shift back to stock engine to clear the verification process.

    Now The Karizma Frame and the engine sitting in the corner was teasing me and I decided to something about it.

    So it was decided to build it to a scrambler.

    Name:  1st.jpg
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    Name:  22nd.jpg
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    Name:  3rd.jpg
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    Default Re: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    Thread approved.
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    Cool Re: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    Quote Originally Posted by curse View Post
    Ever since I was a kid I liked to Ride Off-Road
    So it was decided to build it to a scrambler.

    Eagerly waiting for the next update !
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    Default Re: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    bring it on brother
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    Kawasaki KB100/enduro/125 substitute parts list

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    Addicted curse's Avatar
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    Default Re: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    Thank you cobraking1993 for quoting my post,after you quoted I got an alert message and came to know that my thread was approved.

    Few points I would like to mention

    >This is my first ever attempt to do fabrication/modification on motorcycle so things may look immature.
    >The motorcycle is at my home town, I get only 4-5 days in a month to do the work, so
    updates will be slow.
    >Few parts I have already procured, I regret not starting the thread earlier, I would have got pointers.

    Below is the plan for my build

    1>Alloy wheels to be replaced with spoke wheels.
    2>Round headlamp.
    3>Front forks to be replaced.
    4>No body panels,fairing.
    5>Fuel tank to be replaced.
    6>Seat frame/rear frame will be modified for flat style seat.
    7>Monoshock at rear.
    8>Airfilter box will be removed, K&N will be used,planning to fabricate box for it.
    9>New handle Bar
    10>Aluminium Bash plate.
    11>Wiring,Electrical’s tray and Battery box needs to be fabricated.
    12> Both Fenders will be replaced.

    There are many points on which I have not decided yet and I expect to encounter lot of mods as I continue the work.

    I decided to start with wheels first, I asked few places about which wheels are compatible and direct fit in Karizma.
    Everyone said go for CBZ classic rims.

    I started to hunt for them and found OE rear Rim and Front Hub,I could not find Rear Hub,Front Rim and spokes.
    CBZ uses 1.85 size front rim,compared to 100cc bikes which use 1.60 size.

    I searched online and found all three on safex,this was the moment i thought what the fuss ,everything is available so readily.

    When I opened the delivered items reality hit me.

    Name:  unsafex1.jpg
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Size:  138.4 KB

    How can someone screw up things so bad.

    1> Ordered front rim,it was 1.85 size OE make in description - I got after market 1.60.
    2> Ordered Rear Hub,OE and got clutch center.
    3> Ordered spoke set rear and front and got 72 spokes of same size thrown in the box,someone didn't even bother to tie them.

    I called them and tried to explained they said this is what you order.
    After explaining a bit politely in proper tone they accepted their mistake.

    Hero Motorcycle wheels have 36 spokes,All 36 are not same, It has 18 Outer and 18 Inner.
    There is a difference in angle at J bend and also there is difference in length (approx 1 mm).
    Rear are 161 mm and 161.6 mm. Front are 195 and 195.5 (CBZ Classic)

    I have seen in aftermarket spoke kit (ex Gabriel for splendor) they provide all 36 spokes of same type.I think cost cutting and they think it dose not make a difference.

    But most spoke wheels have two different set of spokes.

    The OE Front Hub i purchased was grey so I thought of painting it black and i got brilliant idea of using spray primer filler.
    Ordered Rustoleum Primer sprayed it and left for drying but even after a week it did not dry.
    Had to scrub it off and then painted with 3 coats of black and 3 coats of clear. (Spray cans - Nippon)

    Name:  Hub-Primer.jpg
Views: 555
Size:  113.5 KB

    I may have got old stock and that may be the reason for not drying.

    Name:  Nippon Cans.jpg
Views: 535
Size:  21.5 KB

    I got good results with Nippon spray cans.
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    Default Re: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    The hunt for CBZ front wheel and rear Hub did not go well.

    Also deep down I was not happy with the choice of wheels,The CBZ wheels are strong but I am not sure whether
    they would hold for where I plan to ride the Bike.

    I placed order for Impulse front forks at dealership and received them. Price was around Rs 2700 odd per fork.(I think prices are revised recently and cost has gone to 3300)
    Both Karizma and Impulse has 32 mm fork diameter so almost a direct fit.
    Also we do not have lot of options,Xpulse has 37 mm forks ,meaning to fit you have to modify whole triple tree. Xpulse forks now cost around Rs 3400 per fork.

    When I got Impulse forks I had a thought ,why not Impulse front wheel too? They are intended for off roading.

    The hub of Impulse and CBZ are identical so I had to get Rim and Spokes.
    Placed order and received Rim and spoke Kit.Tyre was purchased from Amazon,Original Size -Ceat make.

    For fitting Impulse forks on Karizma you have to replace the Fork Cap with Karizma's Fork Cap
    Impulse holds forks by pinching them at top bridge whereas in Karizma you have a bolt coming from top which threads on fork cap.

    Name:  Fork Cap1.jpg
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Size:  102.4 KB

    Name:  fork caps.jpg
Views: 570
Size:  103.3 KB

    Fitting the forks is easy but the real challenge is to fit and make work the complete wheel assembly.I will explain in detail in next posts.

    Name:  Wheel Front 1.jpg
Views: 537
Size:  104.9 KB

    The impulse forks and wheel have increased the height considerably. IIRC the Impulse forks are 100 mm longer,add 12 mm increase due to bigger wheel (18 inch vs 19 inch).
    Only one leg of center stand is touching the ground.
    Effectively there is 112 mm increase in height, Original Trail length and Rake angle numbers have gone for toss.
    Karizma has 26 degree rake and around 94 mm trail length.
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    Default Re: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    Great work sir

    Eagerly waiting for the rest of the story
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    Addicted curse's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
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    Default Re: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    The monoshock conversion was planned from beginning and had acquired Xpulse Rear Shock.
    It is 10 step adjustable, Endurance make. It costs around Rs. 5500
    Both Ends have 10 mm mounting hole, The width of mounts is 32 mm and center to center distance (mounting hole to mounting hole) is approx 310 mm.
    I went through photos of monoshock mounts from different make and models to get idea
    Finally decided upon below.
    Name:  Bootom mount design.jpg
Views: 444
Size:  15.5 KB

    Name:  top mount design.jpg
Views: 439
Size:  16.0 KB
    I visited the metal yard to get material for the mounts.
    I was looking for 32 mm channel but found box section with exact 32 mm side also picked some metal plates of different thickness.

    Name:  4Box section.jpg
Views: 449
Size:  49.1 KB
    After some cutting and grinding got the required shape out of box section.I will be reinforcing the sides with additional plates.

    Name:  Bottom Mount.jpg
Views: 440
Size:  42.8 KB

    Name:  shock.jpg
Views: 432
Size:  47.0 KB

    Name:  Down tubes cut.jpg
Views: 433
Size:  48.8 KB
    The upper mount was a bit complicated but I was able to pull it off.
    I got a 5mm thick steel plate and got a 45 mm dia hole turned from a lathe in it. The dia of karizma down tube on which upper mount is welded is 45mm.
    I have a welding machine but I only tacked it,I got the mounts welded on frame from a professional.
    The rear shock fouls with the rear frame support tubes so I had to cut them,they were to be cut anyways
    as I am modifying the rear frame.

    Name:  5Grinder.jpg
Views: 436
Size:  57.9 KB
    It is good to have two grinders,one with cutting wheel and one with grinding wheel mounted,you don't have to change wheels every time.
    One is Bosch Make AG4 costs Rs 1800 approx other is local one Rs 1300
    Also you can see Irwin combination square costs around Rs 1500 online,good for measuring and marking.

    Name:  6Mount 1.jpg
Views: 429
Size:  41.3 KB

    Name:  7mount.jpg
Views: 425
Size:  43.6 KB

    Name:  8TP3.jpg
Views: 427
Size:  42.1 KB

    Name:  9TP2.jpg
Views: 423
Size:  38.8 KB

    Name:  10Mount.jpg
Views: 430
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    Name:  11TP.jpg
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    Name:  12Top Mount.jpg
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Size:  41.8 KB

    Next up Rear Wheel!!
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    Default Re: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    I had gone for impulse wheel on front instead of CBZ and at I needed a strong wheel at rear too.
    I looked for options but there was nothing that was direct fit,
    Xpulse has disc brake at rear and hub is too wide for Karizma swingarm,
    Similar case with Himalayan wheel.
    I already had a CBZ rim,as I could not find a new Hub a got one from auto scrap yard.

    Name:  Hub_Rear.jpg
Views: 357
Size:  35.5 KB

    As I thinking of getting it laced, I had an idea.
    Xpulse Rim is also 18 inch so why not get the CBZ Hub laced with a Xpulse rear rim.
    But there were lot of complications
    Xpulse has
    Straight pull spokes compared to J-Type of CBZ.
    4 mm dia spokes much thicker than CBZ
    8 mm dia nipples larger than CBZ.
    Hence I had to find spokes which are of same length of CBZ but should by thicker so they fit in Xpulse rim i.e 161 mm and 161.5 mm,with 4 mm spoke thickness and 8 mm nipple size.
    As I was searched online found that Royal Enfield Spokes are of similar length and thickness.
    I visited RE Dealership with my Vernier and found right length spokes,I think they were from Thunderbird,the set costed around Rs 480

    Name:  Spoke_Rear.jpg
Views: 372
Size:  50.8 KB

    Got the rear wheel laced and fitted fitted 120/80 Tyre – Stock of Xpulse.

    Name:  Wheel_Rear.jpg
Views: 367
Size:  39.5 KB

    Finally started taking shape

    Name:  F&R.jpg
Views: 381
Size:  49.0 KB
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    Default Re: Karizma Scrambler-ish Build

    Very excited for this project. Keep us posted. The way you have measured and documented everything will help many enthusiasts a lot. Thank you.
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    One life to ride....

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