MV Agusta Dragster RR LH44 unveiled at EICMA. The Bike is inspired by F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton. It is a standard Dragster RR but with some styling changes, of which only 244 units will be sold.

MV Agustas have always been the most loved motorbikes in the F1 paddock. Over the years, champions like Berger, Irvine, Montoya and Damon Hill have all been clients and friends of the Schiranna manufacturers who even dedicated two special series F4s to Ayrton Senna: the F4750 in 2002 and the F41000 in 2006. This tale now repeats itself with the three times world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton and the Dragster RR have much in common. They are both radical and extreme as regards style, are obsessive about detail, exuberant, bold and fear no rivals. They share the same winning nature and desire for the absolute. Together, they form an irresistible force which, summed up in just a few letters, will become legendary: Dragster RR LH 44. The intrinsic value of a hand‐built Dragster RR featuring special parts and finishes will now be even higher as a collector's item. Never before has an F1 champion participated directly in the creation of a new motorbike.

MV Agusta Lewis Hamilton Dragster RR Specifications