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Thread: Announcement: Forum disciplinary action: Double accounts

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    Default Announcement: Forum disciplinary action: Double accounts

    Some of you may have seen a new member called "Neha" registering and causing a major furore in the forum. Certain members questioned the authenticity of the account and the moderation team decided to ignore this on the grounds that the user, whoever that may be, isn't harming the community.

    However, one user(Lost soul) PM'd me with suspicions of a double account that were more than adequate to run a check on "Her". Now let me tell you all, having a fake identity online and using double accounts to browse the same forum under multiple names are two different things.

    Without further ado, here's what the checks showed up:

    We gave Anjit a chance to come clean and promised that we won't take any disciplinary actions if he did so. Here's the response we got:

    sir she is my sis and uses my computer for being online,
    we have two monitors on same CPU,
    so we are online together that's it
    I am sure there are enough IT guys here to know the folly of this lie.

    Now this is the part where everyone should listen carefully:

    User Anjit Sharma has been banned for three months from this day for using a double account and duping the entire community. The only thing that didn't make us ban him permanently was that he seemed to be a genuinely good kid who contributed well to discussions prior to this incident.


    Further acts in this fashion will incur a permanent IP ban, no questions asked. And before the more sneaky ones run for "Alternative" ways to log in, let me assure them that we have trackers to figure out "Those" too.

    Xbhp is like a brotherhood. People here are more than words on a screen. You guys meet each other, talk to each other on phones, share moments of joy and sadness with each other and so on. THIS IS NOT JUST A FORUM. Therefore, duping the members hereis more than an internet prank and frankly, such folk are not welcome here.

    Anjit, congrats. You have become the first non-spambot to get banned in the new Xbhp. Hope you think long and hard about this and should you feel remorseful, this door shall re-open for you ONE LAST TIME in three months.

    Have a good one.
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    @Anjit-You should have the courage to accept your mistake when Synn had actually given you an oppurtunity to correct it but you let it go by.

    I hope you learn a lesson in your life from this stupid mistake that you had commited.

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