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Thread: Why did the Hero Honda Sleek fail in the market & get discontinued from production?

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    thanks guys! You've been of great help.
    @Satyen: check ur inbox.

    God bless!
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    sleek - Too radically styled for the masses.

    The plastic side panes going all around the side of the seats, were an issue with breaking after overloading. ( it was one of the first bikes to have a plastic tail, rather than just a utilitarian seat with a rear grab rail.

    They wanted to capitalize on the RX100 mania, but offering good fuel economy in the mix. The performance was lack lustre, and like said before, with low fuel prices, the average dint really matter.

    It was slightly ahead for its time in terms of styling, and the masses were not ready for it. In comparision, the conventional looking CD100, with the same chassis and engine, did well.

    It came in 1989. and fuel was around 17 rs a litre IIRC in 1991.

    Heres a link for confirmation -

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    Frankly, if you look at HH launches than one can see SLEEK was a experimental model launched, thought it was a good bike but those times were like ruled by the Mighty RD350, Suzuki AX 100, Suzuki shogun, KB100 and Rx 100, those days people didn't bothered about the mileage.

    Frankly the strategy that HH played was, In 1985 launched First motorcycle "CD 100" which was catching good market with regards to the mileage and all but the company wanted to come out something in performance segment which was ruled in neck to neck competition by shogun and Rx 100. so the sleek in 1989 was born, which had better looks and was a fresh face but in performance segment it was hitted badly, bad handling, comfort, reliability, control was not upto the level at which its competitors were. The company took a big setback as sleek dint appeal the masses as those were the era of performance bikes not mileage ones.The sleek market picked slowly and gradually but it was too late as by that time in the year 1991 the CD100 SS was launched. but by that time the sleek had captured a decent followers and that effected the CD100 SS sales so the company stopped production in India but continued selling in Argentina and some other countries which was then replaced by the splendor launch in 1995 which was a major attraction during world cup.

    And as we all know in 1995 the year was called the death of RX 100 followed by the shogun, thats where the HH splendor started dominating with Yamaha and other two wheeler giants failing miserably.
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