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Thread: Can RC book be changed to reflect change of vehicle colour?

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    Question Can RC book be changed to reflect change of vehicle colour?

    Need some assistance here..
    A good friend of mine gave me his RX100 when he moved to the states.. (Friends are always awesome eh! )
    The docs were out of order, and when I checked with a driving school they mentioned that at least (or at the most!) the Bike should have a new coat of paint in order to get the RC book renewed.

    So I went ahead and got it painted a Feisty yellow (my friends prefer to call it a dirty yellow!), and got the docs straightened out.

    Recently, was pulled up by a Traffic SI on the way back from office.
    And as we know, Month Starting + Festival Season + RX100 + Cop = 'How much money can I get from this guy' situation.

    One look at the vehicle and he goes - "Since when did RX100 come in Yellow? Red ok..Black ok..but Yellow?? What next? Going to paint your Party colours on it? Huh?"

    And he gave me lecture on how he could impound my vehicle etc..and I finally had to cough up 500 bucks..and he didn't even bother giving a challan..

    Next day I checked with my Mech and also the Driving school guy..and they said we cannot change a bike's colour, and that it has to be the same as in the RC book.

    On the other hand, I have heard some of my friends state that if it is a personal vehicle we can change the colour.

    So, any ideas folks on whether the RC book can be changed? If so, any info on the Procedure etc.


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    There're 2 statements I see...
    1. The color of the bike has to match with the color mentioned in RC
    2. The color of the bike cannot be changed to match with what's mentioned in RC

    Regarding 1, 100% true;
    Regarding 2, IT CAN BE DONE; only thing is you've to cough up "important paper" (Indian style); and yes, it is legal too.

    Pls don't ask me the procedure, haven't done that yet. This is why I keep advocating people not to change the color of the vehicle from what's mentioned in the RC book, though several people here keep saying, this is all once in a blue moon.
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    LOL! Don't we have a few RX fans amidst even the cops?

    This is what you get for painting a RX yellow!

    jokes apart, yes there is a provision and it can be endorsed. And its not all that expensive or complicated.

    And next time a cop pulls you up and goes RX etc, try to be impressed with his knowledge about bikes! Goes a long way After all they to are humans! (not discussing ratios)
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