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Thread: Imorting yamaha r6 or buy in india

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    Default Imorting yamaha r6 or buy in india

    Hello friends

    Kindly guide me in regards to buy YAMAHA r6 in india.
    please help me by clear few points.
    • Is R 6 is banned in india. ? or illegal to buy ?
    • One of my friend is living in australia since more than 8 years. so is it possible for him to buy over there and send it to here under his custody.?
    • whay is the way to bring the bike here by paying minimum customs and other taxes.
    • or is it more better to buy from india rather then to import. ?

    also, please specify any dealer or agent who sell the said bike in india.

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    Topic Approved & moved to GBD.

    R6 is not banned or illegal. Its just illegal to import right now as a new bike for normal road use, unless your friend brings it under the Transfer of Residence Mode, which is probably the only legal way to bring the bike, but it will attract heavy duties.
    Its better to buy R6 from India, if you can get a decent buyer and bike. Lots of frauds happen, so avoid buying too.

    There are many agents right now in India. Aman Lalandi sells them, pages like Superbike Classifieds on FB sell them, etc, etc...

    My suggestion would be that you get a Triumph Dayton 675R officially through the showroom and forget the YZF R6. Or wait for some time to see, if Kawasaki launches the ZX-636.

    Both the above bikes should be at a performance advantage compared to R6, but the bigger point is, these will be available officially via showrooms, so that you can get spare parts and official service, amounting to many years of mental peace.

    And please don't post your number on the open internet, lots of SPAM schemes are running and its dangerous even otherwise. If you want to give your number, give it via Private Message.
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    Default Re: Imorting yamaha r6 or buy in india

    Why is the thread titled Photo Feature?

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    Default Re: Imorting yamaha r6 or buy in india

    You could get your hands on a second hand R6 pretty easily in India. Like Samarth mentioned, check out one of the several classifieds pages on Facebook for details. Superbike Classifieds is a great place to start looking.

    But as already mentioned, you got to be really careful when picking up a second hand R6 in India. Remember, the bike never launched here officially so if someone owns it here it was imported into the country. The chances are that a majority of these imported R6s would not have paid the appropriate duties and would not have all the papers. So, please do a thorough check before buying a second hand Superbike that has never been officially available in Indian showrooms.

    Lastly, there are several other options you can go in for. The Agusta F3 is soon coming to showrooms, the Panigale 959 bookings are open and the Daytona 675 and 675R are available, both of which are beautiful machines. So, just go in for one of these
    Every Motorcycle has a tale to be told and there is no greater privilage in the life of a rider than to have truly understood what his Motorcycle stands to tell. Some of the greatest stories in the world are not written, they are experienced.

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