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Thread: What is Exhaustec?

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    Icon7 please give me information of exhausTEC

    hello to all xbhp bikers ! we all know all bajaj bikes have exhausTEC technology.A small chamber welded on silencer under engine is called exhasTECBut I didn't know actually what it works ? please give me full information about the bajaj's exhausTEC technology what is it ? & how it works ?.hope moderator sir will approve my post

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    Thread Approved and Merged with existing thread

    The info in 1-2 posts is actually usable. But those posts should answer the query easily.
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    Default Re: What is Exhaustec?

    I happened to stumble upon this really old thread. May be this is an uninteresting topic but I am posting as there is no proper explanation for the working of this simple yet smart technology. Please feel free to correct me if something is wrong

    ExhuasTEC Or exhaust torque expansion chamber is a patented technology developed by bajaj auto. It was first introduced in the pulsar series but now every product from bajaj from CT100B to Dominar 400 uses it.

    • How does it work?

    A resonator box ( tuned box ) is fitted at the end of the exhaust bend pipe just behind the muffler. This resonator box helps in building a negative pressure ( vacuum ) at the exhaust valve. This in turn improves scavenging ( process of pushing out the exhaust gasses). All of this result in a significant torque boost at lower rpms.

    • Is it of any use or is it just a gimmick?

    This technology works wonders in 100-125cc commuters as these bikes run mostly in the lower rpm range. My 100cc HH passion gives Max 65 kpl in eco speeds & 55 kpl at 70+ speeds. Now a 100cc bajaj platina/ CT100 kick start variant gives 85-90 kpl at 50-60kph, 90-95 kpl @ 35-40 kph and a minimum 70 kpl even at 60+ speeds. The discover 125 also gives 60+ kpl. In summary, the minimum mileage of a bajaj 100-125 cc bike is equal to the maximum mileage of a bike from other brands.

    At 30-50 kph these bikes feels as if they are in neutral and coasting. There is no load on the engine as the resonator box amplifies the torque. In a mileage test between platina ES, splendor ismart and honda dream neo by overdrive, the 102 cc platina ES which also has DTS-i got 131 kmpl !!! The hero and the honda barely managed 90+ kpl. Now the testers at overdrive mention that it is foolishness to ride so slow. But the target audience mostly ride at 30-50 kph.

    But as amazing this technology is, it does nothing for 150cc+ bikes.There is no significant difference in performance or FE as the rpms would be in upper midrange to top end at most times.

    To summarize-


    • boosts torque in low rpms.

    • drastically reduces engine load at low rpms. Creates a coasting effect. Need for downshifting is reduced.

    • 100-125 cc bikes ( platina/ discover) give far superior mileage than the competition. Over 90 kpl for platina.


    • robs away the top end. There is no top end power in commuter bikes with this tech.

    • slightly hampers refinement.

    • useless in 150cc+ bikes.



    Yours truly,

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