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Thread: Dashcam for safety?

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    Default Dashcam for safety?

    I had a harrowing experience today as a taxi driver tried to bump me off the highway amidst moving traffic.
    Reason? He was driving with a cell phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, clearly not concentrating on the road as noticed by other cars and bikes on the road as well, and I signalled to him about this which apparently pissed him off

    Unfortunately I was riding after a long break and didn't have my action cam installed on the bike at that moment. This got me thinking, for situations like this would it be of any help to have a "permanent" dash cam like the sort that some cars have?

    Is there a known brand that makes affordable dash cams for bikes for the masses (not GoPro / SJCAM / etc.)?

    P.S. License plate number of the lunatic was KA 25 AA 3086, but not sure of the last 4 digits.
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    Default Re: Dashcam for safety?

    Thread approved.

    That is nasty. Glad you came out unscathed though.

    Negligent driving/riding is something that endangers not only the one doing it, but others as well.
    Not sure if it can be fixed even with stricter rules and regulations when this callous attitude is engraved deeply in the mindset of many people. One can only try to take all the possible precautions from their end.

    And a dashcam might help. Not only to capture these kind of incidents but also, if one rides a bike bigger than the usual commuters, they are automatically held responsible for the mishap. A footage of the incident can help to provide the 'much needed' credibility to what the rider claims.

    Ride safe.

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    Default Re: Dashcam for safety?

    @kn8Alpha have you had any luck finding a decent cam, I'm also in dire need of one but simply lack the money for GoPros and the likes.
    There is no such thing as a bad motorcycle, it all depends on how you ride it.

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