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Thread: Royal Enfield Himalayan New ownership

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    Red face Royal Enfield Himalayan New ownership

    Hello folks,

    Finally, I own a Royal Enfield Himalayan. After riding Vespa for 2 years and saving whatever I can, I was able to get hold of her.
    Its been 1 week since I bought the Himalayan. Wanted share experience with you and gain some knowledge from you.
    Delivery of the bike was nice and simple. I got a March manufactured bike. In Karnataka, vehicles manufactured from April should have HSRP number plates and there is a lot of confusion with RTO and dealers about it.

    Few of the things I experienced:
    1. Clutch is too hard and it is painful to ride in city traffic
    2. Compass is not accurate. When I compared with mobile compass, it is showing wrong direction.
    3. Heat. A lot of it . Need to see after 1st service.
    4. Exhaust which has brass texture has turned bit blackish near the engine. I hope it is normal.
    5. It makes huge sound when shift gears. 1 to 2 or 2 to 1. 3-4-5 is smooth and no sound at all.
    6. When I manoeuvre bike, I am getting a bit late response from it. I checked tyre air pressure, it was bit lower than the specified. Maybe that is the issue.
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    Default Re: Royal Enfield Himalayan New ownership

    Thread approved.
    Congratulations on your purchase and we hope you are able to get these issues fixed and enjoy it fully.

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    Post Re: Royal Enfield Himalayan New ownership

    Also post your new bike ownership experiences at the dedicated RE Himalayan thread henceforth.

    Welcome to xBhp.

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    Default Re: Royal Enfield Himalayan New ownership

    Hi, congrats on your new himalayan. I am surprised by what you say, the BS4 himalayan has a very nice and smooth clutch. May be until the 1st service the change from 1-2 will seem hard but that should go away. Please keep your chain lubricated and tyres inflated to proper pressure and change gears at the right speed, it is usually smooth to change gears between 2500-4000 rpm. Exhaust discolouring is normal.

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