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Thread: Earplugs for motorcycle riding

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    Default Earplugs for motorcycle riding

    I'm new to the forum. A colleague recently told me about this community because I was asking him a lot about my bike and other things. Well, I'm not sure if hearing conservation is also a thing here in India but I need help finding something like this:

    I'm not sure if Big Ear is also available here in India so I just need help finding a business like them. They sell custom molded earplugs/hearing protection for motorcycle riding and I really hope there's a business like them near Bangalore. I've been using foam earplugs since I started riding my bike but they get dirty quick because I sweat a lot and last week my ear canals got irritated too.

    I used links to let you guys see what I'm talking about. I know most forums treat posting links as spams but the reason I joined the forum is to ask you guys about this. So I hope the Mods let this through.

    Thank you in advance and ride safely.
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    Default Re: Earplugs for motorcycle riding

    Thread approved.

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