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Thread: 2 Stroke Ban - What and How ?!

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    Icon9 2 Stroke Ban - What and How ?!

    Hello everyone,Hope y'all are doing fine! So this is something I wanted to discuss with members and 2T Owners here on the forum.

    DISCLAIMER - I know that the April 2019 2T Ban thing was FAKE and this is something different,So don't conclude this post as outdated or obsolete.

    As you guys might have seen,I used to own a TVS Suzuki Max 100R,which I had to let go a few weeks back due to personal reasons.But then I badly needed a motorcycle and I just simply LOVED 2 stroke bikes like the Samurai,Shogun,RX135.etc and wanted to grab a 135 and experience an RX as I've heard many say that the Yamahas were far better built and more capable than TVS Suzuki bikes...

    But then we all have elders in our family giving their piece of advice before we do absolutely anything that we do,so here's how it went :

    Dad - 'Kid,These 2 strokes were awesome,but for their times,Now you have much better 4 stroke bikes like the Gixxer,RTR 160 4V.etc - Why don't you go for them ? Why do you want to waste time and money with rustbuckets that might not be allowed to ply on roads soon ? Enjoy stuff made for your generation,Not the junk that were made for us'

    So this 2T ban thing cropped up my mind and I was thinking

    1) How will they implement it ?
    2) How many people will get affected ? There are 100s of clubs (S2C,YRC.etc) with each with 1000s of 2T bikes,scooters,mopeds.etc - What happens to them ? Can they
    revolt/rebel ?
    3) Is it even practically possible to implement a ban on a motor vehicle,which has no crime records,whose taxes have been paid and it is road-legal due to the
    genuine/updated documents ?

    A Quick visit to different RTOs,small chats with traffic police and veteran mechanics,I got a very bleak image of what's gonna happen.My RTO told that the 2T ban MIGHT be happening by next year April along with the ban on the sale of any BS4 Vehicle.I also asked them on how they'd do it.The answer was simple - They'll just cancel the FC/refuse to renew FC - which automatically makes the bike NOT road legal.Mechanic guys were very confusing,Few of them told me that it's impossible to bring the ban and one can confidently ride his 2T provided that he has valid,genuine and updated documents,while few of them said that they've also got news that the ban is happening sometime next year along with the introduction of BS6 Vehicles,so they themselves were advicing RX Owners to sell the bikes off today for a profit,instead of throwing them to scrap after the ban.

    Another Most important factor - All the 2T Autorickshaws ? 2T Autorickshaws are still in the masses,Atleast 7 on every 10 autos are powered by 2 stroke engines.What happens to them ?

    What will these poor souls do ? They treat their autorickshaws like it's their own family.We 2T guys ride our old rustbuckets for fun,We have the money to fix and rebuild them multiple times.But for them,The Autos are the breadwinner,weapon of profession.They barely earn to feed their family and autorickshaws aren't cheap guys - They cost well over a lakh! They can't just let someone,on one fine day come to you and say "Hey man,You can't ride/drive this autorickshaw anymore,It's banned due to so and so reasons" - Wouldn't it cause repercussions like strikes ?

    Would love to hear from you guys,Please comment on what do you think of this.Thank you!
    [My Motorcycle]

    2001 TVS-Suzuki Max 100R

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    Default Re: 2 Stroke Ban - What and How ?!

    Thread approved.

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