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Thread: Your expectations from your next Electric Vehicle?

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    Thumbs up Your expectations from your next Electric Vehicle?

    Your expectations from your next Electric Vehicle?

    We're soon looking at an electric future, and that is something that I personally don't like, and I'm sure many of us will agree with me here.
    Like the end of Symbian OS in the mobile realm, we're looking at a time frame of about 3-5 years when good old fuel based 2 wheelers will not be available in the showrooms, and maybe 15 or so years down the line, their spares will start to become a problem.
    Like 2 strokes, even our 4 strokes are starting to see their eventual demise. Maybe a legislation might ban them one day from the roads itself, like 2 strokes are banned in big cities.

    Primary benefits in EVs are lesser running & servicing costs, instant torque, refinement and relaxed ride, etc.
    Primary issues in EVs are unusable range, less outright performance, battery replacement costs, initial cost, etc.

    So, coming to the topic, some of us will hold on to our vehicles till as far as possible, and we'll come across the unavoidable question:- How will our next electric vehicle be, whenever it may happen?

    What do we expect from it?

    I'll list down my expectations for a vehicle to replace my 2013 (BS3) Duke 390, and its gonne be pretty tough for any modern vehicle to do that... We have a 152 kgs, 44 bhp vehicle which is good fun for small cities, but anyhow let's start...

    > Range:- must be atleast 300 kms, no talking below that. Or it should be a 5-10 minute recharge on even Fuel pump, no longer than that.

    > Top Speed:- Considering my stage of life and eventual needs, I'd be happy with a 170 kmph real. 150 kmph or so will be ok ok.

    > Acceleration:- 0-100 in around 5 seconds or so? Acceleration is more important than top end.

    > Gearbox:- Yes please.

    > Sound:- I'm ok with turbine-like sound that comes from existing EVs, but it must be there and a bit loud too. No silent vehicles for me for safety needs. Even a non electric whistler could be there for safety (did anyone do it yet?), but it should be good sounding.
    Not too excited about artificial sounds, speakers and all, but will tolerate if needed.

    > Looks:- Sharp, focused, naked. As close to the typical naked motorcycle as possible. I don't like those Sci Fi concepts that we see around for future vehicles.
    I might accept a faired vehicle if its light enough and ticks all other boxes.
    But think about it:- Even if its a naked, what internals are worth looking at in an electric vehicle anyways? I expect most performance EV's to be faired, not all though.

    > Weight:- I'm a fan of low weight. I aim for 155 kgs. Upto 165-170 kgs is acceptable.

    > Price:- The 'then' Present Value of Rs. 4 Lakhs. At best Rs. 5 Lakhs. (account for inflation in the future)

    > Other:- I would love no trackability stuff, no Android OS but a modern console anyways, some storage capacity, pillion seat and space, etc.

    In all, a practical, electrical sportster.

    > Is my expectation Practical? Not today. Not with the present level of battery technology, for sure. Not with the present Li-Ion. So, let the Duke rule then.

    Everyday, we're hearing new concepts about battery, Graphene is almost ready, if they can get rid of its in-stability issues.
    I also heard of a super capacitor concept, also one another concept which enables a 100 second recharge.

    So guys, What do you expect from your next "fun" electric vehicle? The one which shall replace your gasoline vehicle...
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    Default Re: Your expectations from your next Electric Vehicle?

    I think instead of 300 km range vehicle which would be too expensive to purchase, right now we need a scooter which can give a true range of 100 kms. Because until and unless electric vehicles start selling in decent numbers, no manufacturer is gonna invest in a new vehicle and technology. It's a too big risk to take.

    Chetak looks promising to me but they should have provided a removable battery so that those living in apartments could have charged it easily at home. Or maybe given the option to purchase one more battery which we could have kept at home charged or carried on the scooter itself for even more range if you want to tour.

    Maybe charging stations where you could swap your discharged batteries for charged ones, no time to waste for charging.

    I think in 3 years we will have some good options in the market. Let's start with good city vehicles first and then we can move on to long range ones.
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