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Thread: Ride, Responsibility and Cycle Repair Shop!

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    Default Ride, Responsibility and Cycle Repair Shop!

    I wonder how many of us are watching that save fuel advertisement on television (first time a good job by somebody to make interesting ads). well the ad is about switching off the vehicle at signal, a small kid noticing people and telling his dad that if at the same pace we waste fuel future will be of cycles and opening a cycle repair shop would be a profitable idea.

    Well the adv. does hit the conscience, its not that i do not switch off my vehicle i guess timers back at Delhi inculcated this value in me however, i seriously miss the beat in Bangalore.

    Today i.e. March 07, 2009 i remember in morning while riding around i noticed a guy on TVS Star in front of me, with all torn helmet rubber coming out with his engine on and exhaust blowing in my face at Sony world Signal, Koramangala, proudly wasting fuel. Even i am new to Bangalore roads but i still know the wait for this signal i switched off my FZ and patiently waited for the Signal to be green, but others around me does not seem to do the same, i dragged to the guy on TVS star and asked me "Boss signal is pretty long, why are you wasting fuel" He gave me a weird look of why are you bothered i pay for the fuel, then replied "Boss aapki bike mein toh electric istart hai" (your bike has electric start), i did not feel like arguing with hime anymore and with 50 others on that signal!

    We rant about performance bikes, roads and riders. I wonder how many of us actually take a step forward for this small things and make these happen, i used to switch of my V1 150cc pulsar on signals (ok i agree Delhi signals have timers) but honestly how much time does it take to kick start the bike! People complained about pulsars not having kill button, tell me honestly how much does flick of key from "on" to "igntion" take, saves the battery used by "N" light, too.

    I own a firefox cycle and let me tell its not as much fun as a bike!

    Its not just only about saving a fuel, its also about helping a cleaner enviroment. Whether your bike is performance or commuter or SBK, small little things can help us prevent cycle repair shops in the future, although we would definitely have cleaner enviroment if that happens

    We pledge for so many things on Xbhp, today lets pledge to save fuel, save enviroment and also educate others for the same.

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    Topic Approved. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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    @ Mind Grinder: I Always Switch Off Engine On Traffic Signals & Other Places Were I Stay There For More Than 30 sec
    Failure should never go to heart & success should never go to head,both makes a person to fall in life-Winston Churchill

    Yesterday is history.
    Tomorrow is a mystery.
    Today is a gift, That is why it is called \"Present\".

    Enjoy every moment.

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    That's sad but true. And I am afraid that we will not be able to realise the fact that we are late till there is no more time left for us to save things. Each and everyday we see and we know the fact that thousands of litres of gasoline is wasted while waiting on the signals. We know it but we just ignore it. "Apna kaam banta, bhaad mein jaye janta" - thats the attitude of general people. We try to educate but see what happened with you. You won't put up a fight with the other person. They are just so ignorant that they don't even want to think over it. People have very short memory. They want their comfort and don't want to come out of it till it benefits them. Why should I do it? And they have no answer for it. Till the time their answer doesn't come out to be positive they will not understand the significance of saving the precious gasoline. Those who turn off on signal how many of them doit to save fuel for the world? They do it to save their own pocket. But, that's still okay till the time it serves its purpose.

    Is there any lack of "Save Fuel" campaign? Right from the days of doordarshan we have been getting the "Save Fuel" ads Issued in Public Interest. I switch off my bike or car in the traffic. I told few of my friends to do so. Their general reaction - "haan haan kar lenge", "Haan main karoonga", "hmmmmm". And then when they hit the road they are all same. No once wants to switch off on the signal. What if my bike doesn't start and people honk me when the light turns green?

    To be honestly I don't see any way we can make this happen in a country of 1.2+ billion people. Just do your part. That's it. When its over they will remember their words, their childrens will curse their parents and grandparents who were so careless, foolish and ignorant about their children's future.

    Don't it always seem to go,
    That you don't know what you've got till its gone,
    They paved paradise,
    To put a parking lot.
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    Enna Rascalla. Mind it !!!

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