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Thread: Bikes banned on the Gurgaon expressway!!

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    Angry Bikes banned on the Gurgaon expressway!!

    Has anyone passed through the Gurgaon expressway lately??? Bloody hell, they've put up sign boards everywhere stating that bikes are not allowed on the expressway!! I mean WTF!!! I was going to DLF cyber city toady evening, and this cop comes up near me on a bullet and shouts "bike ko side road pe leke jao"! and i'm like ass hole what are you driving, a jumbo jet?!

    i think this is totally unfair!! just becuase you don't want toll tax from bikes doesn't mean you'll shoo them off like stray dogs! take whatever tax you want to fools! Afterall we do pay on the Noida DND, don't we?!

    What do you fellow Xbhpians have to say on this???

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    Topic Locked.

    It is a known fact that the Gurgaon Expressway is off limits to two wheelers since it's inception. It's just that NOW they have put up sign-boards. Our blabbering isn't going to help this situation in anyway. I do not see any use of this thread. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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