Hi all,
I was wondering if the quality petrol from certain company/brand makes any difference to the mileage, engine and performance of the bike? If it really makes the difference then in India which company's petrol is best suited for 150cc to 220cc bikes. Is there any evidence that so and so company's petrol is better than other (example: less impurity, more refined one, etc.) ??

  • Reliance Petrol (I am currently using this from past 2 years)
  • Hindustan Petroleum (HP) - I was using it for past 10 years
  • Bharat Petroleum (BP)
  • Indian Oil
  • Essar
  • Others

Some of my friends who reside in heart of the city fill BP petrol and claim that it is better than HP. Whereas, my dad claims he found Reliance petrol to be more refined than the HP one so he fills it. I fill reliance petrol just because the pump is next to my house but when I was residing in city I used HP premium petrol.