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Thread: Day 7-9: Ahmedabad & Alang

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    Default Day 7-9: Ahmedabad & Alang

    Our Ahmedabad stay started with the warmth of the xBhp Ahmedabad Chapter taking us out for dinner, with some awesome Kababs and tangdis! Sudeep, Maitray, Sani and company gave the team an evening of fun, food and great humour. The dinner was a personal blessing for me, as i had been surviving on vegetarian food for 5 days. I thank these guys for saving me from certain death by starvation

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    All smiles in anticipation of what was to come next!

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    The delicious food we ate at xBhp Member Akshay Chadha's restaurant Fork & Knife.

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    With the guys from the xBhp Ahmedabad Chapter who chilled with us

    The next day we went for a typical Gujarati Lunch at Govardhan Thal recommended to us by Maitray. The food was amazing with a variety of dishes served in style. Needless, to say everybody in the team overate!

    Name:  Gujrati lunch - day 7.jpg
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    Avinash Singh eyeing the food even after we had all finished eating

    Day 8 the 1st of June saw us ride out for a G2G with the bikers of Ahmedabad on a Sunday morning with the members of xBhp Ahmedabad, Gun Riders Motorcycle Club and Enfield Pirates. The riders met up at Petal Suzuki, Ahmedabad, where Sunny introduced the GICR team and showed a few of the rides that xBhp has completed over the many years. The biking clubs of Ahmedabad presented their monogram and shirt to the team. After which the entire troupe of bikers and the two cars headed out for breakfast to a restaurant called Qwiches, where we were treated to some delicious paneer wraps, cold coffee and soft drinks. At Qwiches we had a great time with the bakar session and lots of fun with the xBhp Ahmedabad guys who are really cool guys to hang out with.

    After the official meet was over, the unofficial one started as Sudeep, Maitray and company brought Jalebis, Khakras, Fafdas and many more 'ras for us to hog on. And what better way to hog for the bikers than to enjoy the food while watching the MotoGP races together. By the time the last few laps started the air was filled with cursing and ooohs and aaahs as the Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo put on a fantastic show for the bikers to enjoy. The end of the race was supplemented with more food and lots of leg pulling as Himanshu promised to treat everyone to dinner if Marquez won, and so we all ended up once again at the Knife & Fork to enjoy some more tangdis and kababs along with the cool guys from Ahmedabad.

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    The 4 mean machines parked outside Petal Suzuki

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    Bikers enjoying the videos of xBhp's previous rides across the country

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    The bikers posing for a group photograph before they leave for breakfast

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    Ahmedabad Bikers presenting their groups Monogram to xBhp

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    Breakfast at Qwiches organised by Petal Suzuki

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    Busas Galore

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    The four bikes hungry for many more kms
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    An RX 135 of an xBhp Member

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    Posing with the xBhp Ahmedabad Chapter\

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    xBhp Creativity

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    The Samsung Galaxy S5 being used to capture the mood of the moment

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    Avinash Singh playing the devil himself

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    Old Fox, Sunny and Sunilg chilling Gujarat style

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    Avinash, Avinash and Abhishek acting cool

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    Himanshu, Ashish and Mohit

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    The entire team together

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    Super Selfie

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    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

    Touring Blog: Cycling in Mongolia!

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    Default Re: Day 7-9: Ahmedabad & Alang

    Pictures of the Range Rover Autobiography in which the team visited Asia's largest ship breaking port Alang.

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    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

    Touring Blog: Cycling in Mongolia!

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    Default Re: Day 7-9: Ahmedabad & Alang

    Thread Approved

    Just Kidding.

    Awesome pic and awesome location in second set of Pics from Alang Port.
    Lagta hai kuch bada arrangement karna hoga poori team ke liye [Trans: Seems some big arrangements have to be done for the Collectors ride team here in Bangalore on their Arrival.]
    @chaosaddict @SuvraGanguly lets finalize the locations by this Sunday

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    Default Re: Day 7-9: Ahmedabad & Alang

    Cool pics.
    With this kind of food, anybody would overeat!

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    Default Re: Day 7-9: Ahmedabad & Alang

    Loving ALL the pics so far! The food pics were esp. mouth watering! :P

    I think there should definitely be a Coffee Table book comprising all the best snaps from the entire ride. Or even a 2015 Calendar or something similar.
    Once I have donned my black helmet, I become anonymous. My face ceases to identify me. My black visor shields others from the rigours of my passing glance while shielding me from their attempts to peer into my soul. I am an anonymous rider shrouded in black. I am no longer a specific self. I am a passing Traveller.

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