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Thread: Day 10 - 14: Ahmedabad, Surat & Mumbai

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    Default Day 10 - 14: Ahmedabad, Surat & Mumbai

    Tuesday the 3rd of June saw the GICR team wake up early to ride with the lady group of bikers of Ahmedabad, the Ridernis. A few of the xBhp Ahmedabad members also showed up to ride with the Ridernis and the GICR team. Around 40 guys and gals rode their iron steeds from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar a good 30 km away. The experienced and the novice rode together in proper formation, maintaining discipline and speed to reach the Vidhan Sabha Bhawan. At this iconic building the Ridernis donated a few articles to the GICR team to be added to the Freedom Motorcycle, as they themselves are giving many women freedom by empowering them with motorcycles. The freedom to ride and break away from norms and traditions, to be able to go against society and do what they truly love. This essence of the Ridernis Group will be inculcated into the Freedom Motorcycle of and xBhp.

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    Ridernis interacting with the xBhpians

    Name:  DSC_6149.jpg
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    With the Artifacts collected from Ahmedabad

    Name:  IMG_9401.jpg
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    xBhp Ahmedabad Chapter

    Name:  IMG_9427.jpg
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    The Ridernis posing with the Suzuki Motorcycles

    Name:  IMG_9446.jpg
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    The bunch of bikers

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    The evening was spent with the Suzuki Hayabusa. Since the Busa tyre had to be changed we went ahead and eked out every last bit of life out of the tyre. And like everything we do, the tyre was sent to the graveyard in style!

    Name:  Burnout.jpg
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    Day 11 - Ahmedabad to Surat

    After the Burnout of the previous day, the Hayabusa was in an urgent need for the tyre to be changed. The metal of the radial tyres was visible and we left the capital of Gujarat only by 4 in the afternoon after getting the tyre changed. The road from Ahmedabad to Baroda was under construction and two wheelers are not allowed on the expressway. That ensured that the Range Rovers reached Baroda an hour before the motorcycles, which led to much confusion and saw the Inazumas trying to locate the bigger bikes and they in turn trying to find the Evoque. Finally after many phone calls and watsapp messages the team congregated for lunch and then headed on to the Diamond city of Surat.

    Rush hour traffic of Surat was utter chaos and madness, with the team taking a couple of hours to cross over from one side of the city to the other for a G2G with the bikers of Surat. Surat not well known for its biking culture pleasantly surprised the team with its massive turnout of bikers. The Bullet Battalion Club, Royal Brothers Club, Riders of Surat Superbikers of India (ROSSI), KTM Club were all present at one venue to welcome the GICR team. It was an evening spent with the experienced bikers sharing tips on safety and the importance of Safe Riding. The Bullet groups then went ahead and gave the team a Royal Salute by throttling the living daylights out of their engines, with the KTMs following suit and finally brought up by the Superbikers, who drowned out the sound of everybody else!

    All the bikers present then rode with the team to show them their hotel and dined with them over great food, before we could call it a night in the Diamond city.

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    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

    Touring Blog: Cycling in Mongolia!

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    Default Re: Day 10 - 14: Ahmedabad, Surat & Mumbai


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    Default Re: Day 10 - 14: Ahmedabad, Surat & Mumbai

    Day 12 saw the team ride from Surat to the Bollywood city of Mumbai. The roads connecting Gujarat to Maharashtra are a pleasure to ride on and the GICR team enjoyed themselves to the fullest with the butter smooth tarmac, that was until we reached Mumbai. Just before the city limits start, there is a bridge over the Vasai Creek which is single lane and therefore traffic is let through only every half hour. And we were all caught in the miserable traffic and coastal humidity on the Superbikes. The guys on the Inazumas were thanking they lucky stars that they were not riding one of the big bikes!

    Name:  shell petrol pump (2).jpg
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    The bikes and cars getting powered up at the Shell Gas Station

    Name:  IMG_9734.jpg
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    The driver looks on as the riders leave him behind in traffic!

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    Day 14: Mumbai

    The day was spent roaming around the streets of Mumbai, eating at famous places like Cafe Noorani, visiting Mudh Island and taking a ride in the Mumbai locals! A few shots of the team in the city accompanied and assisted by Noor.

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    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

    Touring Blog: Cycling in Mongolia!

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