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Thread: Six Leadership skills you could develop by riding a Motorcycle

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    Default Six Leadership skills you could develop by riding a Motorcycle

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    Leadership skills are not a certification that you could earn by just attending a course in a college or an institute, indeed a program attended in a college or an institute does help in sharpening those skills, but that's not the end of it. Leadership skills are to be developed continuously and from every aspects of life, not only from the corporate world. As I always say

    "World is a school and life is a teacher, one should learn with every breath of it"
    As learnt at many occasions, a leader must have one or more hobbies that are different from his/her professional domain, as it helps in many different areas of personal and professional life balance. I love motorcycling and thus ride my 650cc motorcycle to my work on a daily basis. As I ride through that chaotic traffic every day (those who ride in India would agree with me) facing the odds of the roads, I realised one could learn some very important leadership skills with every twist you make to your throttle and every mile you complete.

    Keep your eyes forward

    Just like any leader who must always be looking forward and keep working towards making the vision of an organisation come true, while you are on road riding your motorcycle it is essential for us to keep our total attention and eyes on the road ahead so that you could see and assess the traffic conditions and possible surprises that might crop up. Because a minor distraction can let you skip a major details that may end up in a drastic outcome.

    Awareness of surroundings

    Not only that a leader must focus on the vision but also be aware of what is happening in your surrounding like with your competitors or in the market. Just the way when you are riding a bike you not just have to be looking the road ahead, but also all around you, as you never know if there is a dog pops out on the road unexpectedly or someone opens the door on the wrong side of the road.

    Risk Management

    Riding a motorcycle is risky affair and so is running a business, hence it is highly essential for a leader to put a proper control measures in place to monitor the progress and issues that might crop up in the course of action and can make the necessary mid-course correction in the strategies and initiatives. Just the way while riding a motorcycle you loose the leverage of having 2 extra wheels like a car, which makes it more vulnerable to the situations around you. And hence you need to have a proper training, higher awareness and right set of riding gears.

    Stay out of the blind spot

    For a motorcyclist one of the most dangerous spot on the road is to fall in the blind spot of a car driver, as practically you become invisible for the driver when you are in that spot and expose yourself to all the possibilities of driver crashing into you. Similarly the leader of a business should always stay out of the blind spot of market and must keep himself aware of what all possibilities could come up in future and prepare strategies around them.

    Make yourself visible

    To be safe on the road while riding a motorcycle, the key to be visible to all others on the road, especially in night times. And thus must wear riding gears that are bright and have reflectors so that other riders and drivers could spot you. So are the leaders need to maintain their visibility of their brand, product or service as well, because if they cant see you why would they buy your product or services.

    Each part of your motorcycle is equally important

    To have a smooth and safe ride, it is of utmost importance that you are free from any worries related to your motorcycle. For that you need to ensure your motorcycle is timely serviced and maintained properly. Similarly, leaders must be paying attention to all the functions of their business like administrative support, HR and IT etc. There must be well laid processes to ensure the satisfaction of the internal customers and stakeholders as well, as they play a great role in the overall success of core business.

    While we could learn a lot more from the motorcycling and motorcyclists, above are just few points that I thought of bringing to notice of all.
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    Default Re: Six Leadership skills you could develop by riding a Motorcycle

    Doctor sahab ke leadership Pravachan, approved
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    Default Re: Six Leadership skills you could develop by riding a Motorcycle

    A very good read..

    Another point could be as you ride and move forward, the scenario is ever changing, what you know about the road, traffic, vehicle movements/position a second ago might not hold true now and for that you have to keep yourself constantly updated in order to devise your moves safely.

    Same thing holds true in life, you move into the future with every passing second and that future is ever changing, so you have to keep yourself constantly updated and have to devise your steps in life.

    P.S. Guess this has been covered in second point.

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