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Thread: HELP me buy a Kinetic Blaze!

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    Wow! That's an interesting project. How about taking two 125/100 cc engines, will give good power.

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    Not enough space for 2 engines + too complicated. As a first effort I don't want gears but I need decent acceleration for a 100kg driver and I want it to touch 60kph. The engine choice is irritating me because everything depends on which engine is selected!! I cannot design the frame until I have an engine. I need a scooter engine because I want to use the rear-end as is. Very compact and well packaged.

    Go-kart engines? Rajkumar11 can help me with this if I decide to go this route. Not enough top end though...nice and torquey. Not sure if there is a centrifugal clutch with 2 forward gears options on these engines.

    The 8bhp 7NM engines won't have enough torque. If I am stopped right in front of a speed-breaker, I need to be able to power over it without having to get out of the car and build up speed. No reverse gear either!!

    MS frame for the first version and then I'll work with aluminum for the second version.
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    Default Re: HELP me buy a Kinetic Blaze!

    I have mine for sale .. its a 2009 model .. I dont know if you are still up for it .. I have had some awesome time with it but have now outgrown 2 wheeler and it has been sitting idle and i hate to see it just lying there everyday .. let me know if you are interested ..
    PM me or something ..
    and yes the idea does seem nice, though making is a silverwing replica would be awesome .. no ?? :P

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