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Thread: [Help]: Rx135 Headlight Change

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    Default [Help]: Rx135 Headlight Change

    Dear friends,can someone help me to change the stock rx135 head lamp from 35w to more.should i upgrade the reflector too.can i change my tail lamp to led,if yes,can some one post a picture of the modification.

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    Query Moved and Approved. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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    There are ways to upgrade from stock RX135 headlight.

    Decide if you want to keep stock set up and want to have brighter illumination:

    1. Buy Swaraj Mazda doom (comes for Rs.195) which is a direct fit to your bike's present headlight rim. Your mechanic will be able to clip it for you.

    2. Bulb: I would suggest Halonix M5 - 35/35w (Rs.70) - That fits your doom perfect (not sure if Halonix M5 is available at your city, however, that's what I got for my RX135, still keeping the stock look). There will be no requirement for the electrical. Low expense.

    Bulb Holder: H4 holder ; costs Rs. 50 approx.

    The brightness is better than stock and the spread is good both in low and high beam. You will love it.


    Decide if you want to go for completely change in electricals such as going for higher wattage bulb in place by doing some coil winding to support.

    Actually there are many ways to do this you might want to go through threads where many have already discussed the set up.

    One of them is RDD 90/100 kit available: which is the best according to the many. That would actually give power to have higher wattage bulb upto 90/100w. This is the best you can get.
    check for buying options.

    I frankly have no ideas about HID for RX and the compatability.
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