R15 was introduced in our Country in the year 2008. This was the first punny sportsbike we were introduced with. A bike having a gem of a engine, very reliable and robust. Yes the only thing odd was that we were still not used to this riding style. The Engine being rev friendly everyone who bought it were making the optimum use of the right wrist and with the braking system one of the Best in 150cc segment, they never scared from hard braking.

Now this bike had a unique riding style to which we Indians were not introduced. When I bought her, I faced the same problem, as I was riding RX100 before this. RX was an upright position sitting whereas R15 has a crouching sitting position. Now I own R15 for past 6yrs clocked approx 110000kms on the ODO with numerous tour in Himalayas including twice to Spiti Valley. What I have learnt about the riding position, I will pen it down here and hope it would be helpful.

1. In R15 when you sit, you need to make sure one thing that you are not sitting very close to the tank (depending on the height of the individual)

2. While sitting you have to be flexible on the upper part of the body, i.e. your thighs hug the chassis of the motorcycle, and above waist you are flexible. You can move front and back on the bike without moving your lower back.

3. Never put your body weight on your wrist, or else even 5kms will be curse for you.

4. Never let your shoulder be in stress or strained while riding or again you will not enjoy the ride.

5. While riding the motorcycle, try to adjust your hip position (by moving a bit ahead and backwards on the seat) to see which position is relaxed and not straining your Back.

6. Never keep your elbow fixed it should always be slightly bent.

So just take care of these things and see the improvement. I have done non stop riding on this bike for more than 2hrs many times, and it has never given me any discomfort. You just need to be able to find that right riding spot and trust be you will enjoy.