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Thread: [Help]: RX135 rebuilt & now some doubts..

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    Default [Help]: RX135 rebuilt & now some doubts..

    Hello Everyone,

    I own 2 numbers of RX 135s, one is 2002 model stock condition and other one is 1998 model modified one.

    The following are the modifications done to my 1998 RX-135 4-speed bike as against a stock one:

    1. Used a 5-Speed Cylinder kit & Got it Ported
    2. NGK Iridium Plug
    3. 90 / 100 Kit
    4. New Crank Shaft with RX-K con rod
    5. RX-K Clutch Plates
    6. Customised 5-speed gear box (The 4th & 5th gear have different ratios as against stock 5-speed)
    7. Gladiator Front Disc assembly with 2.75 x 18 IRC make tyre.
    8. Mikuni VM 26mm Carburetor
    9. 120 x 80 x 16 MRF make rear wheel assembly.
    10. 37 Teeth rear sproket
    11. RD 350 Handle
    12. Calculated Expansion chamber
    13. Avenger Speedo unit
    14. Bike was repainted to 5-speed Green Color.

    Here are my queries:

    1. After doing all the above mods, the bike rushes to 120Kmph and thereafter becomes sluggish and the meter doesn't show the reading accurately. Can someone suggest a very good speedo unit with less errors & vibration above 120Kmph.

    2. Many had suggested me to remove the fat rear wheel & insert standard 3.00 x 18 Tyre, which i did by putting a CEAT make. I dint feel my bike had any better acceleration or top end, hence reverted back to fatter one. Can somebody please explain this to me.

    3. What other modification can i do to make the bike touch around 130Kmph, i dont expect more than that, coz then the bike fits into Drag setup. My mechanic has an RX 100 & RX 135 for drag racings & his machines participates in all the events in Hyderabad. Loads of troffies in his shop. But he too tells me that there is a limit for porting & beyond which the bike will not make any further power & pick up will go bad, basically loss of torque. He tells me the drag setup is completely different from a street port setup. I fully agree with him but still feel that 130Kmph should have been reached. I have street raced with RX100, RX 135, RXZ, P200 & ZMA on Mysore-B'lore highway & NICE roads & never lost to them in acceleration or top end, but somehow i feel more could have been extracted out of this motor. Can anybody plz suggest any more methods which will guarentee increase of 5-10Kmph.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Query Locked.

    Duplicate thread.
    Last edited by Aryan; 04-06-2010 at 01:38 PM. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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