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Thread: rtrFi starting problem

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    Default rtrFi starting problem

    hey guys I am a not so proud owner of a apache fi (sep2008) which has run 10100kms. today when i tried to start the bike the self start wasnt workin properly and the sound which the electric starter makes while trying to start the bike was barely audible and i had to put my ears near the tank to hear it.The clock in the speedometer got reset to 00:00 automatically and the process( in which whenever u turn on the bike the rpm meter goes to 12k rpm , i think its called self check correct me if i am wrong) repeated itself 2-3 times and bike did not start on electric start although all lights were workin fine. It didnt strike me to chck the horn. but this problem disappeared when i rode the bike for a few kms and the bike performed properly for the rest of the day. what could be the reason for this. problem with relay or battery or sumthin else.

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    Query Approved. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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