Hi Friends,

I had recently purchased TVS Flame and completed the second service. This is my first bike and bought this as it was looking good and I have been dreaming to own a bike for so many years, finally bought this bike.

I ride around 30 km per day, carrying a laptop on my back. I am having the following problems and request your valuable advices:

1. The suspension is very bad, and it's bumpy. I had complained to Service guys, but the problem is still there.
2. I also feel not that stable when riding this bike. Braking also not so great and I actually felt down once.
3. I don't ride on much speed, and my avg speed is around 50 kmph. I hear lot of noise from bike, like some parts are getting removed.

Also, I want to enhance this bike with few modifications and request your advice:
1. Can I upgrade my rear-wheel to a wider one and if so, what's would be correct size?
2. I also, like to put some cosmetic changes and request your advice on that too.

Friends, this is my first post and great appreciate your valuable suggestions.

Mods: I have searched for my above queries and could not find much information specific to Flame. Hence, request you to approve this post.