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Finally got a RTR, hope it was the right choice.....

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    Originally posted by satadip View Post
    Hi arnab aka papan 5069 ;-)....

    I am from barrackpore..... Hav been only twice to wellington, for helmet and a basic gloves, was just a blind short visit.... Do u hav any number/ shop name known well for anything specific ? like good riding gloves, genuine engine oil , seat covers, etc ?
    You will find MP enterprise,they keep good quality helmets and do remember to harass them to bring down the price!
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      reviving al old thread of mine... from what i read around on forums , some have stated that the apache tappets "ring like bells" when hot , etc... so i guess the "harsh" sound i was hearing after driving around for sometime is actually the tappet sound....

      just a word , when that sound is hard, i almost feel pity to take it above 7k, almost makes me worry about the engine breaking something or other

      so i wud just like a word of confirmation as to is there any "health issues/risk" in ripping the engine when "quite generously" heated up after say a 20 km long drive at 70ish speeds ?? pls let me know just 4 the peace of mind wid the new machine....

      its completed 1k kms, and i am occassionally feeling like ripping it little bit now and then.....