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Thread: Documentation for buying a second hand bike

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    Default Documentation for buying a second hand bike

    I will be buying a second hand rx100 in a couple of days and was wondering what all documents shall I ask from the owner. He is saying that the bike is in the name of his big brother. He also says that he will provide a cover note and the RC of the bike.

    The bike is Delhi registered. I want to get the vehicle transfered in my name.

    Now my questions are:
    1. What is cover note? Is it the "letter of sale" like this : or some thing else?

    2. What does a cover note do? Does it just serve as a proof that I have brought the vehicle and not stolen it or does it serve as a contract agreement in which I can put in clauses ?

    3. If the cover note is a contract agreement then, can I put in a clause that the owner has said the the engine is running on stock piston. And if later on when I get the bike inspected and the engine turns out to be rebored, I can give the bike back and take back my money as the owner has lied and do not fulfill one or more of the conditions of the contract of sale?

    4. How do I get the vehicle transfered in my name? The bike is delhi registered so that won't be a problem. But how do I go by the process of change of name?

    5. The bike is a 1995 model. Since it is 15 years old, it's RC is just about to expire if not already expired. How do I get the RC revived?

    6. What would be the cost of transfer to my name?

    7. What would be the cost of RC revival?

    8. I asked some of my friends about this transfer of name stuff and they said that you will have to get form no 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33 signed by him. Is that true???
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    Please refer to this thread:

    Topic locked.
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