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Thread: Identify these mods on unicorn

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    Question Identify these mods on unicorn

    hi guys..please help me out with the following questions...

    (1)Some say maximum rear tyre size mods for unicorn as
    120mm with no mods
    130 mm with chain guard removal or
    130 mm with reduced rim size
    140 mm n above-swing arm modification
    But I am confused.whats the maximum rear tyre size without mods to swing arm nor reducing the rim size..chain guard removal is no problem.???


    how did he raise the tail height like the above picture.????did he add extra piece(not safe) or did he tight suspension or any other ways??

    (3)Heard fitting fz handle to unicorn has some complications...what are they??any ideas...this is pic of fz handle on unicorn found in orkut..

    (4)in the above pic there was a round black headlight...Can you tell me any specific name for it like any other specific bike's headlight??..also what other metallic round healight can I use(name of other bikes that has round metallic headlight.).???

    (5)I am thinking of removing the rear mudflap and fix only the number plate and indicators like the fender eliminator kit.

    Is there similar thing in india??What is it its name..

    (6)let me know good modification shops in chennai for doin the mods.

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