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Changing tyre for my dominar 400, Need suggestion with the tyre size.

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  • Changing tyre for my dominar 400, Need suggestion with the tyre size.

    The stock rear tyre of Dominar is 150/60-17. I'm planning to purchase Timsun TS712

    Tyre size options available are - 160/60/17 or 150/70-17.

    Wanted to know which would be ideal and better option?

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    150/70 is always better than 160/60, as size is pretty much same only difference is of the aspect ratio which is good as it is good for dual sport tyre, if you are considering only on road performance then go for 160/60 which will give more grip.
    In simple words /60 & /70 is like having low profile tyre (like cars) and high profile tyres SUVs tyre.
    Before investing money just ask in Motorcycle ownership thread. As I have given you a idea about size but ownership thread will give you actual results if any buddy has used them.


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      I have experimented a lot with tyre size in my earlier motorcycles. I own a D400 since 1 year. I would strongly suggest you NOT TO change the stock size. Dominar is specifically designed with the right dimensions which provides it a lightweight and balanced posture. Changing any dimensions will alter its handling.

      As you might know, the second number in 150/60 is PERCENTAGE of the first number. For 150/60, tyre profile or height is 150x60% = 90mm. Similarly, 160/60 means 96mm and 150/70 means 105mm.
      You might think it's no big deal but even 2 mm makes a lot of difference in the handling and balance, both your choices are altering it by 6 and 15 mm, which is huge! If you install any of those tyres, your motorcycle weight will shift forward and will feel extremely heavy and sluggish to handle. Speaking from past experience.

      Why did you choose TImsun specifically? Buy online if you can't find the stock size in your local market, you will find a lot of options on e-commerce websites with the exact stock dimensions.