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Interceptor 650 Engine not feeling smooth suggestion required

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  • Interceptor 650 Engine not feeling smooth suggestion required

    Hi Guys,

    I recently bought a used Interceptor 650 Baker Express. I was using a classic 350 for quite some time and was wanting an upgrade. A very good deal came by, and I went for it.

    My Bike is BS6 2021 less than a year old. Mileage on it when I bought it was around 2000 Kms. Currently it is close to 3600 Kms.

    Soon after my purchase I found out bike had a starting issue where sometime after pushing the ignition the RPM will go up to 2000 and then bike’s engine will die. It was rectified by replacing the throttle body. Since then, things are fine in this regard.

    However, the new issue I am facing is that the bike feels vibey. I can feel vibes on foot pegs. Usually after 80 kmph. But yesterday when I went for a spin and the bike felt vibey even in lower speeds. Also, on downshift after leaving clutch the vibes increase for a few seconds, its not the engine braking kind of vibes but more like some part is not able to move freely and there is friction in there.

    Bike seems to be heating even in a 4-5 kms run. And engine feels harsh to ride. It doesn’t pull that well too. It was not the case before. I checked engine oil levels are fine. I regularly clean and lube the chain as well.

    I mostly ride my bike in city and occasional short highway ride.

    This a great turn-off for me as I am expecting the bike to be smooth.

    Can someone please suggest what can be issue here ?

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    Topic approved.


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      Hey Dev0294 congratulations for the new motorcycle, as per nice and brief summary regarding vibration issue at high speed etc. Do check out chain free-ply and alignment of rear axle and related every thing. As tighter chain slag causes the hard gear shifts, vibrations.

      Also do comment on after check.


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        Thanks Vishal,

        Quick update. Another thing came up 3-4 days back. Fuel pump of my bike started to make noise. I got gas filled from my regular petrol bunk and went for a ride.

        Towards the end of ride after returning home I noticed strange sound from fuel pump when I was about to park the bike. The sound even came when I turn on the kill switch and when all systems are preppeing up.

        Service center guys are checking for a replacement for the same under warranty. Waiting to hear from them.

        Faulty fuel pump could have been the reason why by feels underpowered some times or my be heating more.

        I also got the drive chain tension corrected. I am yet to ride after that. But felt ok initially.

        I shall ask the SC guys to check the axle as well. But will refrain from too much dismantling of my bike.

        Hope things go back to normal post the fuel pump replacement.


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          Yes Dev0294 , faulty fuel pump makes less fuel pressure than required which leads to less fuel (spray + quantity) inside the cylinder, which makes air fuel ratio towards lean. Lean mixture means lower power and max. heat.
          Last edited by Vishal Wagh; 06-19-2022, 09:37 PM.


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            Hi Vishal Wagh

            I had my fuel pump replaced. There is no noise coming from it now. So that issue seems to be sorted. However the bike still feels very vibey above 80 kmph.

            I went for a small ride on the highway there are vibes on handlebar, seat and foot pegs. Also the above 80 kmph speed the handlebar wobbles. I gave the bike to SVC to get that sorted. SVC guys said there is a small bent in the front rim and back rim causing the vibes and handlebar wobble. They assumed the bike went in a pothole and tried to blame it on my riding. I cannot see any sign of damage to the rims as the bike never went through any potholes that might have caused that. Now they only want to replace the front tyre assembly and the back tyre issue seem to have been resolved by them magically.

            Now they are trying to get an insurance claim and replace the entire front tire assembly. I do not mind that and want this issue to be fixed as the bike seems useless above 80 kmph. I intend to use this bike on highways and its a big turnoff.

            Bike is at SVC since many days and dont know how much more time it has to be there.


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              Hi Dev0294 Rim bent is one of the reason behind Handle wobble, You can find YouTube videos regarding the same.

              And you don't have to keep your bike into SVC, you can give bike to SVC when then need it but otherwise you can use it till the new Parts coming to workshop.

              One suggestions:- Even though if have claimed it through insurance, keep the old rim for yourself for emergency use.


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                Vishal Wagh Hi Vishal,

                Bike does not wobble anymore but at the time of refitting they did some thing that made the handle hard while truning towards right.

                I shall take that up but its not a great deal.

                I let go off the old rim as it was causing wobble issues.

                I have a very important question if you may help.

                the recommended tyre pressure in user manual ( dowoaded from RE website) from is 32 and 39 psi fromt and back.

                However ceat website tells 22-29 front and back. Strangly for GT 650 tyre pressure ks different not sure if GT got a different set of tyres.

                SVC guys asked me to mantain 25-32 front and back. This is creating so much confusion.

                can you please help.