Dear all,
I am using a Hero Honda Hunk for last 3 years. It is proving to be a excellent companion throughout this journey so far. I have completed almost 30,000 km in my ODO.

Now, the mechanic is saying that the clutch plate of my bike is weak and it is better if I change it.

I also feel that the adrenal rush which I got from my bike while instant pick up -----has been reduced to some extent. But interestingly my bike still do the top speed (110+kmph) even today with no problem.

The meter also shows exact speed at different rpm range......but my gear shifting is little bit harse.

I never give hand to my engine.....please suggest what should I do?

Should I change my Clutch Plate right now? Or should I continue as it is?

Again, if i change clutch plate then what precaution should I follow in order to adjust my clutch plate properly?

Thank you in advance for you help.