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Thread: [Thunderbird 350] Coldstarting Issues.

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    Icon11 [Thunderbird 350] Coldstarting Issues.

    Enfield veterans. I borrowed an 2003 model Thunderbird (the AVL engine one) from a friend for the weekend. It has major issues cold starting and I have no idea what's happening. Maybe it's one of those things that only Enfield enthusiasts are blessed with. Starting the bike on a cold morning without cussing to heaven.

    Here is what I have been doing,
    1.) Choke on
    2.) Decompressor on
    3.) Soft single kick (more of a push to the kick lever)
    4.) Choke off
    5.) Decompressor off
    6.) Kick many times, use cuss words
    7.) Ask a passerby to help me push-start the damn thing.

    I have tried combinations of these without any effect. Once I warm up the engine, it starts fine with a single kick. So I guess my 'kicking style' isn't the issue. Kicking the cold engine doesn't give me any resistance from the pistons whatsoever. It's flat. I can't find the sweet TDC spot which makes me theorize that the decompressor doesn't work. This is just an intuition and would love to get some ideas/feedback.

    I could take this to the mechanic and see if changing something would fix it but I'd like to have some thoughts on what I am doing wrong first.

    I asked my friend about it and he said I am just not an 'Enfield' guy.
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    Default Re: [Thunderbird 350] Coldstarting Issues.

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    Default Re: [Thunderbird 350] Coldstarting Issues.

    My strategy
    Decomp and kick/pump Soft single kick (more of a push to the kick lever) for 5/6 times,off the decomp,chock on kick full. At my electra 4s it's work this way only in cold.You may try it too.

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    Default Re: [Thunderbird 350] Coldstarting Issues.

    You need to leave the choke ON while kicking and leave it ON for at least 30 secs until warm up. Then you could turn it OFF.
    I would tune the AFR first after cleaning the spark plugs and air filter.
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