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Yo speed crashed, handle behaving randomly

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  • Yo speed crashed, handle behaving randomly

    My wife crashed her yo speed today with an autorickshaw, who was taking a sudden turn. Nothing has happened to wife, and no serious visible damage to the vehicle. However, the handling has become erratic. It seems the handle bar is much heavier now, and also it is turning as it wants, so you have to really hold it tight to go straight.

    What could have gone wrong? I am planning to take the bike to the service center, but I don't want to go by the pickup by tempo route. Is there something I can do to make it rideable so that I can ride it myself to the SC?

    The front fitting is exactly like any other automatic scooter, and the motor is fixed to back wheel. Please advise.

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    Query Approved.


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      Even my dad had a similar vehicle, the YoSmart earlier ...

      Check the tyres' lining with the Rim. I feel that front tyre "lining" should be checked minutely & carefully. The small sized tyre may have gone off the line compared to the rim, it happens often...

      If this won't solve the problem, I don't know what would ...
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        I will give this a go, will check the tire alignment in evening, after I reach home. But how does this explain the heaviness of handle? It has become quite heavy for even turning while vehicle is standing.


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          check the headstock cone bearings.. if damaged that can also cause problems to the way the bike handles


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            i have seen in activa, the plastics get bend in crash and literally lock up your ride. - by what i could figure out by 'heavier' handling. a hammer would help here.
            cant figure out exactly what the problem is by your post. maybe you can post in bit more detailed. or, get a local mech to check and then take to service station.

            EDIT: let us know!
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              I checked the bike myself yesterday evening. The frong mudguard seems moved upwards, and when I reached inside it, my hands came across few sharp corners. So I thing shadez theory may be correct, that the front mudguard is locking up the handling.

              As per the cones, I think they are fine, because usually when the cones are damaged, the alignment of the handle changes. Here, the alignment is absolutely correct, only thing is that the handle points itself here and there, and the rider has to struggle hard to point it straight.

              The yobike people are coming today to check the bike. Will keep the thread updated with the findings.