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Thread: '99 CBZ engine performance issue

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    Default '99 CBZ engine performance issue

    Hi guys,
    I am a die hard CBZ fan and I continue to own two beauties, a red one circa 1999 and a silver one since 2000.

    I have been totally in love with the looks of the CBZ since I saw it on the streets of Bangalore in early 1999.
    I got my dream wish during my college years and became a proud owner of my favorite bike in late 1999. I went overseas and upon returning I realized that due to neglect of these bikes in my absence both the bikes suffered a great deal of performance loss.

    Since I do not find any contemporary bikes as harmoniously designed I have focused my attention on restoring my ladies.

    In case of my 2000 model bike, the bike has hardly any pickup worth keeping up with even 100 cc bikes at the low end. Once I go through the gears then the engine almost starts pulling hard but it seems to run out of breath almost as fast. What's worse is, it seems like, most of the engine work must be lost in overcoming the roughness inside the engine. The engine seemed not only extremely rough but was making whining noises too. The Hero ASC replaced the crank and bearings. They also replaced the cylinder rings.

    I have brought the bike home but the work done seems have improved the performance by only about 20%. I still feel that the throttle response is very lethargic. If I stretch the bike in 2-3 gears to 3.5-4K rpm then I can hear the whining noise. The Classic CBZ engine was always known to vibrate a lot. But in case of my bike, the engine seems very reluctant to rev like before. After holding high rpm and letting go of the throttle, I feel delayed-out of phase vibrations from the engine bottom that seem to reverberate through the fuel tank where it meets the seat. But this does not feel like normal engine harshness. These vibes feel like low rpm lumpy, out of balance mild thuds.

    Can anyone advise me on what could be the nature of this problem? I am apprehensive if this is a sign of major engine problems.
    In that case I might as well give up on solving this one.

    BTW through years of bad experiences at ASCs everywhere I have lost faith in their technical abilities. Any suggestions good CBZ mechanics in Mumbai, Pune or Ahmednagar would be most appreciated.


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    Default Re: '99 CBZ engine performance issue

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