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Thread: Help cleaning chain

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    Default Help cleaning chain

    Guys i bought chain lube and chain clean (motul) yesterday.just want to know if i should just spray the lube only on the o rings , or should i spray some on the chain links.what about the sprocket do i need to apply grease or something .
    help me.

    with regards

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    Default Re: Help cleaning chain

    Query Approved.

    Chain by practical means should be lubricated at the end of the link joints where the O ring is visible, but most people just spray it on the chain, and that's not a bad idea after all. Put your bike in center stand, ENGINE OFF, rotate the wheel manually and spray and the edge of the links, not sides, and keep doing it slowly for the entire chain, you're all set.

    No. Applying grease on O ring is not recommended or oil for that matter, all these spray and or attract more grime than necessary, unless it's a case sealed chain. Just lube it as you would normally.

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