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Thread: Hero Hunk snorkel eaten away by rats..

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    Default Hero Hunk snorkel eaten away by rats..

    Hi, my Hunk bike's snorkel as some of my friends said has been eaten by rats...Its a part seen when u remove the seat. Name:  20160408_164511.jpg
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Size:  101.1 KBWhats the use of snorkel? Will the damage as shown below cause any problems to my bike? I think it still does its purpose but some of my friends saymileage will be reduced and sound will be changed. I haven't noticed any problems since I am not an expert. I am inserting the image below.
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    Default Re: Hero Hunk snorkel eaten away by rats..

    query approved.
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    Default Re: Hero Hunk snorkel eaten away by rats..

    An airbox and snorkel assembly is mostly for noise reduction. This is where the engine gets its air supply from. Snorkel eaten away by rats is as good as a missing snorkel. Hence lets consider what all can happen.

    Engine will suck air more freely, so you may get change in the engine's sound note while revving. (the bigger the engine the more the effect).
    Engine gets more air so unless you change the jetting, it will start running leaner also.
    Unless there was any additional Air Filteration mechanism towards the open end of the air hose/Snorkel (not the end towards the engine), the bike should do pretty well without it.

    Now the rats ate through the hose this time, next time it can be the wiring, That is a bigger issue you need to address!

    A car mechanic told me to smear cheap tobacco at places where rats tend to frequent. Another person advised me to get a thorough diesel wash which leaves all parts spick and span and the diesel smell deters the vermin. I went with the diesel wash option and it worked.
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    Default Re: Hero Hunk snorkel eaten away by rats..

    Has happened to me as well. As I didn't use one of my bike for nearly a month. When I started the bike, it ran well and suddenly it will suffocate. Then I found some cloth pieces under the seat (which were blocking the air flow) where the rat had built a nest. Also it had bitten the rubber part of the air tube like yours. If its only the outer, there's nothing to worry.
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