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Thread: Unicorn alteration from mono to dual suspension or linkage suspension

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    Default Unicorn alteration from mono to dual suspension or linkage suspension

    Hello all
    I am having severe back pain since i am using unicorn, its totally bad in city bumps. I have tried all setting and adjustments from the service centre in the last one year and exhausted. Doing some research i learnt that mono suspension tend to be harder for good handling during high speeds etc etc, but definitely poor in absorbing shocks.

    I love this bike very much(except mono suspension ) so I am planning to put pulsar 150 nitrox suspension to my unicorn as they are pampering to my back during bumps. I dont have any idea how to go about this and where exactly the dual suspension needs to placed, the angle of inclination etc. But i want to change change the suspension.
    I also rode honda CBR which has linkage suspension, it feels like a car.. Can i put this kind of suspension to Unicorn?

    Please help me guys how to go about this. I am really waiting for your replies. Because company service guys and most mechanics ouside have least knowledge on suspensions.

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    Topic Approved.

    Its not necessary that monoshock has to be hard only. Many off road bikes have very soft monoshocks.

    If you insist on modifying your unicorn only and not getting a new bike instead, then you try the Monoshock from the CBR150 or 250R.
    But let me clarify, it is quite possible that the new suspension is harder due to frame geometry, or some other misinstallation. Plus, you might not get their parts easily....

    As for Pulsar's suspension, the best way would be to take its swingarm too, but again, that will open a can of worms. A whole lot of parts might need to be changed then!

    My recommendation is that first you try riding the new CB Unicorn 160R, and see if its comfortable, and then try to fit its Monoshock directly.
    If it doesn't fit, sell the Unicorn and get a Pulsar or some other comfortable bike, like Discover 150.

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    Default Re: Unicorn alteration from mono to dual suspension or linkage suspension

    After riding my unicorn for 10000 km and researching all about suspension and other aspects of bike i came to know a very interesting fact and solution to this problem
    majority of unicorn owner will agree with me that the stock tires provided with unicorn i.e. zapper y (rear) do not get wear down even after 25000 km as it is made of super hard compound so it never provides right feedback to the mono shockup
    i realized that and changed my rear tire to ceat zoom and there was so much difference in the ride quality the rear shock started working superbly as ceat tires being made of soft compound started giving best feedback to mono shock up and really solved my problem
    the mrf zapper y is the worst tires for any bike dont know why honda is using in there bike the bike is awesome suspension is awesome just change tires to soft compound tires the problem will be solved

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