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Thread: RC Book lost!! help needed with getting new one from Yelhanka RTO.

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    Question RC Book lost!! help needed with getting new one from Yelhanka RTO.

    Hi Guys,
    I lost the RC book of my bike. The bike is still in the name of the guy from whom I bought it. For getting a duplicate RC, can I take the documents to the owner and take the filled up, signed documents to RTO? Owner is ready to file a complaint and sign wherever necessary but is hesitant to come so far to Yelhanka.

    Also, the driving school guys are asking 2-3000 for duplicate RC. Is it recommended to pay that much or are there any cheaper alternatives?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ps: I joined a long time ago and bought my 200NS after reading the amazing travelogues here. So far I've been a lurker and this is my first post. Please forgive if this topic is not relevant.

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    Default Re: RC Book lost!! help needed with getting new one from Yelhanka RTO.

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    Default Re: RC Book lost!! help needed with getting new one from Yelhanka RTO.

    Hey brother, you pretty much have listed all your alternatives yourself!

    If the bike is registered in Yelhanka, then i am guessing you will have to approach the concerned RTO there itself, you can courier the papers to owner and he can sign and send them back to you. If he is hesitant to travel to Yelhanka then upon mutual agreement i think he can still file complaint on his own at wherever place he is. A police complaint is a police complaint and will still be usable i feel.

    The following is not recommended, but if its the only way you have then...Driving schools are essentially agents of sorts and will charge you for getting the work down in certainty most of the times. A cheaper alternative would be to go to the RTO office yourself and I am sure you will be flocked by more Free Lance agents who can bargain to a lower price!

    P:S:- While you are at it, get the ownership transferred too mate!

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